Nordor and Inalfa Roof Systems Collaborate with Camera-Based 3D Vision Technology Combined with Original Manufacturing Roofing Systems

Munich, September 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NodarA leading provider of multi-camera 3D vision technology, today in Beijing Hinachu Automotive Parts Co. Technology to guide original manufacturing companies in the automotive industry as an integrated alternative to future roof systems. Live, real-time integrated cameras and NODAR Hammerhead â„¢ 3D Vision technology to be showcased to next-generation Inalfa Roof Proto at IAA Conference Munich, Germany, September 7-12, 2021 In booth A2, Booth B60.

“Nodor is pleased to announce our work with Inalfa to provide 3D vision sensor roofing systems that provide accurate and complete measurement of the material around the vehicle,” said Lif Jiang, CEO of Nodor. Our unique partnership promises to increase safety in the automotive market while providing original auxiliary sensor options for driver auxiliary and fully self-propelled vehicles.

Together, the partnership provides real-world insights to the original manufacturing companies at an affordable price to accelerate the development of ADAS and automotive vehicles. Nodor technology can be heard from 10 cm bricks 150 m It is the most advanced camera-based solution on the market to date, supporting distances up to 1,000 meters. Inalfa Roof Systems has been a supplier of automotive systems for original manufacturers for over 70 years in three continents.

“Elfa is committed to providing original furniture systems to our partner manufacturers to provide not only the highest level of beauty and functionality but also the highest level of safety,” he said. Stephen Vervort, Innovation Manager at Inalfa Roof Systems Group. We are excited to showcase Nodor 3D viewing technology integrated into the Inalfa roof concept in IAA Mobility.


NODAR is a leading provider of camera-based 3D vision software technology and a key player in the development, innovation and cost-effectiveness of new vehicles and automobiles to the automotive market. Nodor’s 3D Vision Platform delivers reliable, extremely accurate and real-time 3D surveillance over long distances (up to 1000 meters), giving LiDAR quality at camera price point. Nordor provides exceptionally long, high density, high frame rate 3D data and can detect anything up to 10 cm 150 m. Its high performance makes it ideal for future collision warning, road planning, automatic emergency braking, traffic jams, VRU detection and parking. NODAR was founded in 2018 and is supported by Rhapsody Venture Partners, Plug and Play Tech Center and Cherrystone Angel Group.. Please visit for more information

About Inalfa roof systems

Inalfa Roof Systems is a manufacturer of Venray-based global automotive roof systems; Holland, In factories and development centers Europe, North America and Asia. With over 800 patents in life and approximately 25% of the world’s market, Infal provides roofing systems for almost every major car and truck manufacturer in the world. Since 2011, Inalfa Roof Systems has been a subsidiary of Beijing Heinachu Automotive Parts Co. China. Inalfa’s strategic acquisition further expands BHAP’s product portfolio, strengthens R&D and marketing capabilities, and is competitive. Please visit for more information

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