Non-Narrative Animation Exhibition Presented in the Renell Gallery

West Lafete, IN. This exhibition is open until October 1st.

The exhibition will feature works by artists Karen Chris, Haran Kim, Yalo Lim and Jack Fred, who use movement and animation concepts in their activities and presentations. The works on display illuminate the constant theoretical tension between the visual image we see and the animated image. Four artists representing different approaches share their ‘moving’ work in several stages, using project and lens technology to combine movement, sculpture, motion picture, and perception of time and space. Movement – on the screen or in the eye – is both visual and conceptual in these works. The material of the movement and its new visual language dimensions occupy the artists’ production space as well as the gallery.

Instead of using it as a fictional vehicle, artists have explored the movement of physical objects into new realms.

The exhibition is sponsored by Purdue Polytechnic and will feature a presentation by Assistant Professor of Computer Technology Technology Andrew Buchanan and Associate Professor of Computer Technology, Stephan Garcia. Reception and awards ceremony is scheduled for September 23 from 30: 30-7 p.m. More information, especially imaginary or in person, is available online.

The Robert El Ringing Gallery is located at the Stuart Center, 128 Mall, West Lafayette, and is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. All Purdue Galleries exhibitions and events are free and open to the public. The Duchess Gallery is part of the Liberal Arts College

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Source – Erica Kvam, Interim Director and Superintendent of Purdue Galleries, 765-494-3061,

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