No. 20 Pirates capture Virginia Tech No. 10 in Raleigh on Monday – Seton Hall University Athletics

South Orange, NJ – The No. 20 band will take on Virginia Tech hockey in 10th place in Raleigh, NC, in the George Tarantini Classic on Monday. Kickkoff is scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Daily Football Complex.

The last time is out

The Pirates took a 3-1 road victory over NC State on Friday night. Johannes Pex (Stephenschinsch, Germany) He scored in the first half, finishing second in several games. Wolfpack gathered three minutes later to tie the match together, stuck in a whistle for half an hour. In the second half, the pirates put pressure on Wolfpack’s back line and came out strong before finally getting a corner kick. Dennis Kelmendi (Falconberg, Sweden) Finding Zill, he picked up his assistant for the second pirate for the game Luca Dahn (Kahl, Germany) To climb up, 2-1. In the middle of the second half, the pirates set an insurance goal in the other corner. It was at this time JP Marin (Briarwood, NY) Sending the cross to his head Pavovo Rihijari (Olu, Finland) To keep the bandits in good condition, 3-1.

Scan: # 10 Virginia Tech (2-0-1, 0-0-0)

  • As part of the George Tarantini Classic in Raleigh, NC, the hockey team is winning 2-1 at UCF.
  • Virginia Tech’s first win of the season ended with No. 1 Marshall 3-2. The Hockey returned from a 2-2 draw to win.
  • Landon Ameres and Sive Howley hockey lead by two goals Ben Martino has saved seven times in seven and two games on average.
  • The game will be the 16th game of the 7th NCAA Tournament, followed by 2-2 and two extra-time after the Pirates 7-6 on penalties.
  • The Pirates led the way in a 2-1-1 victory over the two pirates in 2001 and 2002.

News and notes

  • Pirate ratings will be the first of the season and the first after they fall to No. Last year’s 2C Indiana, 2-0 in last year’s NCAA Tournament against United’s top-25 teams in last year’s United Coaches Choice.
  • Goalkeeper Andreas Notta (Rome, Italy) He raised 11Th The program always closes the temple with a fourth place on the leaderboard.
  • Pix ‘goal against AC State was his second in two games, with five points leading the season.
  • Friday was the first of the season for Dahn and Rihijari’s goals.
  • He makes it the first pirate to have two assistants in the game in Kelmedy in the AC region Matthias Almeida Sundel (Sweden) And James Bute (Southampton, England) Each of the robbers has two helpers: no. 17 markets in the 2020 Great Eastern Final.
  • Six different teams have now found the net in three games during the youth tournament.
  • As a winner, Nota is now ranked fifth with 23 wins as a bandit.
  • The Big East champions won 93 points, including three first place votes, and the bandits were second in the Eastern Conference Preliminary Coaches’ Choice. Creton, who finished third in the poll with just five points, came in third with 74 points.
  • CJ Tbling According to the Guba conference, he was selected as the pre-tournament annual striker and was voted unanimously for the pre-season All-East team. Tibling is winning the All-American Choice of 2020 and the First East of the Big East. At the end of the attack, Tibling led the Pirates with seven goals and 17 points, along with three assists. At seven heights, Tibling finished second in the Big East and the country with 20 goals.
  • Luke Dahn He was named the BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Year and won the prestigious All-East team. Dahn was awarded the 2020 All-American Team of the Year, as well as the All-East team of the First Team. In his first year in the Seton Hall uniform, Daton spent more than 1,500 minutes on the field, except for nine minutes during the campaign. Although Dahan lined up as a center-back, he scored two goals for the Hall of Fame, the second of the team.

Live statistics are available at this link to follow the match.

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