NLL cuts the loneliness time for players who are positively tested

By ROB MAADDI – AP Pro Football Writer

The NFL is reducing its time to exclude unmarked players, including players who have been positively tested for Covide-19 and who have not been vaccinated.

The League and NFL Players’ Association have revised the protocols after the CDC changed its guidelines for unmarked persons, citing a five-day exclusion period and a mask for the second five days.

After the Indianapolis put him on the CV-19 roster, the changes will allow Carson Wentz to return for Sunday’s key game against Las Vegas.

It was not immediately clear whether Wentz was infected or whether he was in good health. However, if Wentz has no symptoms, he can be cleared to play.

The Tennessee Titans can beat AFC South by a win and a loss to Colts, and have added two more to linebacker Jion Brown, who has played three of his last four games, and Cody Holster, a receiver in practice. That brings the total number of Titans to nine, not counting the 10th player with a hamstring injury.

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Returning from 1-4, the Wolves have not won eight of their last 10 games. You can win one of the seven AFC playoffs by defeating the Fly.

Indie’s action came less than 24 hours after five players, including right-winger Braden Smith, were added to the fast-growing CV-19 roster and were asked if extra precautions would be taken to protect coach Frank Rich Wentz.

“Yeah, as long as he’s with the team – it was really for every player,” Reich said. “So we have a plan for the whole team, a plan for a few individuals. Carson is one of them, but he’s not the only one.

Wentz reserve star Sam Ehlinger, who has played three games but has not conceded a pass this season. It was the sixth round of draft elections.

Veterans Brett Handley and James Morgan are part of the indie training team. Handley went 3-6 in his NFL career as a rookie.

Despite losing six starters and two further defeats in the first half, Indy won in Arizona on Saturday. The absences forced Indy to play alongside five regular attacking linebackers Smith.

It is unclear how many of the players, if any, could return on Sunday.

But Rich on Monday made one thing clear – the Wolves did not ask for a retirement to help Rivers beginner last season.

“No,” said Raich. We are happy to meet people here.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Aries has been positively tested for Covide-19 and is currently out of the house.

The team announced on Tuesday that assistant coach / game coordinator Harold Goodwin will serve as interim head coach in his absence. State Super Bowl champions visit New York Jets on Sunday.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning but have had minor symptoms so far,” the Aryans said in a statement. Harold Goodwin will take over my job when I’m not there. I have full confidence in him and the rest of the coaching staff to prepare the team for this week’s game against the Jets. I look forward to rejoining the team and returning to the facility.

In the meantime, the bookstores have put Dean Jamel Dean and Sen. Murphy-Bunting on the Covenant-19 list. That brings the number of Tampa Bay players on the list to five.

– Veteran Brian Hoyer, along with linebackers Jos Uche and Brandon King, have been added to the Covide-19 roster, with Patriots starting quarterback Mac Jones a potential replacement for the Jaguars.

Hoyer, who is in his fourth term in New England, has previously served as a reserve role for Tom Brady and Cam Newton. He has been a backup for Jones for the first 15 games of the season.

If Hoyer is not available, the 2019 fourth-round hedge fund could move on to that role. The promotion comes just a month after Sthamham re-entered the starting line-up after suffering a back injury. Appeared in eight professional games.

Hoyer, Uche, and King became the five veteran May 7 players on the CV-19 roster in two days. Defenders Matt Judon and Ja’Whaun Bentley, the Patriots’ most effective defensive players, were added on Monday. New England have some depth on the defensive line while Judon is an excellent passer and leads the team by 12 1/2 sacks.

Linebacker Coach Giroud Mayo said on Tuesday that the team is ready to adjust to the defense as needed.

“We have a lot of men in our class who play soccer and I say either they can replace people with someone else or they can be tricked,” Mayo said. “So we are still in that process. Who do we want to take on the field, what is this week’s game plan, but at the end of the day, the guys there, will be ready to go. We hope to bring those people back, but as I said before, we must treat them as harm.

– Green Bay Packer narrow-minded Mercedes Lewis and linebacker Oren Burke have been placed on the Covid-19 roster. That comes a day after Packer placed goalkeeper Ben Bradon, linebacker Tipa Gallian, wide receiver Ammar Rogers and linebacker Thai Sumers on the Covide-19 roster and defensive linebacker RJ McIntosh on the CV-19 roster. it is. Details.

– The Jacksonville Jaguars have added three more players to their CV-19 roster. That brings the team’s total to 19, including eight defenders and four strikers.

– The Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receiver has put Awdin Tatin on the Covenant-19 list. Tate has not played since Week 7 and is on the sidelines due to a calf injury.

– The Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver John Haitouer has been placed on the Cowrid-19 roster.

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