NIL Technology launches flat NIR Metalenses ready for mass production

Copenhagen, Denmark, September 1, 2021 PRNewswire – Neil Technology (NILT), a leader in modern optical solutions, demonstrates breakthrough performance in flat optics. The complete NIR camera module is built using a 940 nm single metal and NIR sensor. Both processors and customer-focused metals are currently being prepared, shipped and prepared for mass production.

For more than a decade, camera lenses used in smartphones and other products have not seen a revolution. Lenses are still made up of a large number of reference lenses or lens components. NILT is on a mission to significantly reduce the size and complexity of these lens systems and bring revolutionary changes to smartphone cameras.

This first display is an infrared (NIR) wavelength lens near 940 nm for 3D navigation and face recognition and driving control in cars.

Single metals as we introduce 1 m, Meta Optical Element (MOI), based on form, performance, minimalism and efficiency. Confirms the difference between MOEs over traditional reference lenses.

  • Limitations. MOEs are flatter, thinner, and lighter than lenses that have never seen before.
  • Superior. MOE lenses have a wide field of view, low F number, high MTF and high relative brightness, all with excellent image quality at low track length.
  • Cost-effective. Assembly costs and integration complexity will be minimal.
  • Strength. The glass-replacement silicone makes strong, heat-resistant lenses.

Design to deliver in just four weeks

NILT has more than 15 years of experience in high-precision nanotechnology and is implementing this to accelerate and implement MOEs. Prototyping is protected by high quality ultraviolet lithography (EBL) during high conversion times. In addition, EBL has extremely high quality and high design freedom. Mass production is carried out by nanomimet printing printing (NIL) without any restrictions on the meno-atom geometry (size, shape and location), which ensures better performance metals. In addition, nanomim printing literacy allows NILT to produce more products without semiconductor geometric constraints and processing capacity.

“Custom production 1 m MOEs are based on a combination of advanced knowledge and proven, proven and reliable methods. Says Theodore Nielsen, CEO and Founder of NIL Technology. »NILT is an established company with more than 1,500 purchasing orders. In addition, we have developed custom protocols for many years.

NILT is designing, designing, assembling, and growing metals for mass production. The whole process takes place internally. As a result, NILT MOEs can be delivered to prototype design in four weeks and redesign and rotation can be done in less than two weeks. Standard lenses with NILT designs have already been shipped today.

Technical details on optical performance for flat, multi-function optics production platform can be found at

For questions, contact Brian Orr, VP Sale, Phone +1 408 497 4408.

About NILT

A.D. Founded in 2006, NIL Technology (NILT) is an optical solutions company that designs, develops and manufactures optical components and components using high-precision nano-level features. The company is supported by a number of industry-independent investors: Joel Capital, NGP Capital, Switzerland, Westpond and the European Innovation Council (EEC). NILT provides competitive advantages over flat optics in 3D applications, consumer electronics, machine vision, automotive and VR / AR displays; All solutions made with flexible optical components (DOE) and metallic / meta optical components (MOE). NILT is based in Denmark And has offices Switzerland, Sweden, And America. Visit us at

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