NHS Test and Trail £ 2.5m signed to support Covid-19 application by the end of 2022.

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Test and Path Schedule መጨረሻ 2.5m’s m 2.5m contract to support NHS Covide-19 Contact Search Application and Continued Development by the end of 2022.

But even people who have been diagnosed with the Corona virus do not need to be excluded – and manual search operations are now closed – it is unclear what the future holds for more than 30 million downloads and at least መተግበሪያ 100m of public spending.

The UK health agency, which is now responsible for running the app, said it could not comment on the technology’s long-term plans, but at least for the time being – the government said it believed it. “It will continue to play a key role in maintaining security and reducing the distribution of CV-19.”

The Support Contract, which runs from February 17 to December 31, covers the delivery of “Delivery Partner ለመቀ to develop, maintain and support the NHS COVID-19 application.” The supplier – the Danish headquarters Netcompany – UKHSA “offers a team. [about] 20 ጨምሮ including iOS [and] Android developers, developers, architects, system testers and engineers.

The contract notice further states that the company’s employees are expected to “collaborate with local UKHSA teams to provide a variety of mobile application development services and support existing AWS infrastructure”.

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UKHSA, which started in October, will take over from the full-fledged Public Health UK. The new agency will include the NHS Testing and Tracking Program and the Commonwealth Biology Advisory Unit.

A.D. If people in the UK have been positively tested for VV-19 since February 24, they will not be legally obligated to isolate themselves – let alone be linked to the person who did so later.

It is unclear what this means for the future contact search app in the long run and when asked. Public Technology UKHSA said it could not comment on whether it was planning to release the app – or at least evaluate its role.

The agency said the software would continue to alert people in close contact with the Corona virus and that the technology “would continue to play a role in maintaining security and reducing the distribution of CV-19”.

Alerts are now being sent to people who may be exposed to the virus with the caption:

However, one subtitle adds:

Recipients are no longer recommended to take daily tests – although it is recommended for people who have started PCR testing.

People living with the virus are asked to limit their contact with them as much as possible and to work from home if they can. Wearing face masks is also recommended in “crowded, closed, or poorly covered areas.”

The information page on the NHS website states: “The NHS Test and Monitor contact search service is now closed. [and] The NHS Covide-19 app is being updated. If the application recommends that you isolate yourself, you may still need to take steps to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. This advice will be updated April 1, 2022.

Public Technology It also asked UKHSA about how the app is being updated and if changes are made to the app’s functionality starting next month. The agency reiterated that it could not comment on future changes to the program, but noted that updates were made last month after all exclusion criteria were met.

These include opting out of the app and changing the notifications you send and closing a system that allows users to view places like pubs and restaurants. Location alerts are also not provided right now.

Additional contracts
The application has been downloaded more than 30 million times since it was launched in September 2020 – including the latest download of 42,081 downloads by March 2.

A total of 222,766 address alerts were sent in seven days. This brings the total exposure notifications to 13.5 million notifications. A.D. By the time the app’s usage peaked in 2021, there were about 700,000 weekly alerts released across the UK and Wales. In July 2019, all social media restrictions fell sharply, with alarms reaching more than 700,000 for the first time around the week of December 22nd. In the new year, rates have fallen slightly again.

Netcom Companies, which has a contract to support the application until the end of 2022, was a key partner in the Danish government’s use of the contact search app used in the country. The Digital-Transformation firm has won multi-million pound UK public sector contracts with the Department of Education, NHS Digital and National Highways.

A.D. In April 2021, Netcom Company was awarded a ጊዜ 140,000 short-term contract by the Department of Health and Social Welfare to deliver a “pilot compliance application” to countries coming to the United Kingdom. Government traffic-light hazard list.

The agreement to support the development and operation of the app is one of the most recently awarded UKHSA for testing and monitoring systems.

A.D. The agreement supports the IT vendor’s “text message” delivery [and] Email Address Search Notifications ”until February 2023.

Meanwhile, another software vendor has been given a one-year contract to provide software that allows citizens to scan the results of a home-based virus scan. The contract went into effect on December 1 and will cost the York company 5 2.05m.

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