NH ‘River Dave’ earned $ 180,000 from technology billionaire

Concord, NA – The CEO of software company Billionaire has given his ex-owner $ 180,000 in a new location in Hampshire. Alexander Carp, CEO of Palantir Technologies, told Concord Monitor that he had written a personal check to David Lidton, who had lived on someone else’s property for 30 years.

He was arrested last month, and in early August, his home was set on fire by local authorities. Leidstone’s friend Jodi Gideon says the money will be used to rebuild the cabinet in a new location, and in the meantime he says he has found a temporary home for the winter.

Leidston, 81, lived in the New Hampshire Forest near the Merimer River for three decades, in a small hut decorated with solar panels. He grew his own food, cut down his own firewood, and cared for pets and chickens.

The grid’s ownership of the property, which I have been rolling for all those years, has been challenged in court.

The forest where Leedson lived was some 93 miles from Interstate, but it was hidden by trees. It was used for wood harvesting on 73 acres[73 ha]. The property has been owned by a family since 1963. There are no plans to develop at this time.

Leedson years ago his wife made a promise – but not in writing – that he allowed her to live there. But the current owner saw him as a villain and wanted to tear down the nest before the fire.

The current owner is Leonard Gills, 86, of South Burlington, Vermont. Until he was contacted in 2015, Leidston did not know he was there, expressing concern about “solid and sewage disposal and potential zoning violations. According to Gills’ appeal, In 2016.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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