Nexa3D provides next-generation interface layer technology with the fastest business of Everlast-2 Membrane.

Ventura, California – (Business Wire) –Nexa3D, the maker of super fast polymer 3D printers, today announced the launch of the next-generation cover Elast-2 in RAPID + TCT 2021. Those who attend the event will be able to watch it from September 13 to 15 in Chicago, Mexico City. Learn about the key features of the new Everlast-2 cover in motion and alongside the Nexa3D’s fastest growing 3D printing portfolio. Attendees can visit the Nexus 3D at booth E7428.

The Nexa3D Everlast Membrane offers superior printing speed, surface finish and reliability as well as superior performance strength, 50,000 or more printed layers or 25X longer time than alternative interface technologies. Building on this success, Nexa3D now introduces a new generation of Everlast-2, which uses Nexa3D Everlast Membrane sustainability to provide improved print quality.

Everlast Membranes overcomes the limitations of currently available alternative technologies, including cloud, chemical instability, and doming effects. Along with additional productivity benefits, Everlast-2 brings more features and smoother features.

Everxast-2 is a choice cover for more discerning customers to achieve better printing performance without compromising speed. Everlast-2 improves advanced definition and overall efficiency. Everlast-2 shines for customers who do not need expensive time on partial completion. ”

Everlast-2 is for all industries: any customer who wants to increase the efficiency and consistency of their products can benefit. Improved fidelity of parts and surface efficiency reduces production time. It connects to the Nexa3D suite of the fastest technologies that achieve 20X productivity by producing high quality products with low carbon footprint.

Everlast Membranes are more durable, robust and 25X offer the useful life of other VATs and trays on the market right now. Everlast Membrane shows consistent optical transmission, so the 1000th output is the same as the first. It boasts a robust and unobtrusive feature that allows it to be printed on previously unpublished technical materials. Everlast-2 is fully compatible with NXE 400 workflows and print metrics, which include the dynamic performance monitoring of the covers and estimated usage feedback.

Everlast-2 is now available for purchase Or through the Nexa3D authorized dealer network. While customers will be amazed by the coverage of this next generation, the first Everest Membrane will continue to be available to customers who choose it. Check out this media kit and watch this video to learn more.

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