News Summary Google to Build New Silicon Valley Technology Campus, Facebook Blocks Anti-Vax Accounts, Huawei’s Big Money Loss, and More

Google to build new Silicon Valley technology campus

Google is expanding its presence in Silicon Valley by building a new technology campus, according to a CNC report.

In the past two years, the US technology giant has bought $ 389 million worth of land in North San Jose, California, and turned it into a high-tech R&D facility. Suggestions from Google indicate that it is looking to create a hardware operations center and a publicly accessible technology campus. The proposed technology campus, along with three neighboring industrial establishments, will have five office buildings for 3,500 employees, mainly for the Google hardware business. In addition to office and industrial buildings, the new campus will provide transportation facilities, shuttle bus service for coastal commuters, large parking lots, locks, baths, spare parts, and more.

These plans really make sense, as Google recently announced that it will be splitting up with Qualcomm to develop its own smartphone processor.

Facebook releases Russian anti-vaccine tags

According to Reuters, Facebook has deleted Russian accounts with a marketing company that employs individuals on social media to promote Covide-19 vaccine content.

U.S. social media has acquired a network of Russian-based accounts linked to the influential marketing giant Fazze, blocking it from violating its foreign intervention rules.

They targeted Facebook users mainly in India, Latin America and the United States to share misleading information and complaints, set up fake accounts, and pay influencers. Facebook found that celebrities approached YouTube, Twitter, and Twitter around the world, but the campaign later became influential in France and Germany.

Facebook automatically deleted 65 Facebook profiles and 243 Instagram accounts.

“This campaign came in two different waves, divided by five months of activity. First, in November and December 2020, the Astrazeneka COVID-19 vaccine posted a series of comments and comments stating that the vaccine would turn people into chimpanzees, ”Facebook wrote in the report. “Five months later, in May 2021, the abduction and Astrazeneka document was released,” he said, questioning the safety of the Pfizer vaccine.

Huawei has recorded revenue losses

China’s technology giant Huawei has reported a huge revenue loss by 30 percent in the first half of 2021.

According to the BBC, the company’s revenue has fallen to 320 rubles (35.5 billion pounds). Meanwhile, Huawei’s consumer electronics revenue fell 47 percent.

Huawei’s telecoms sector is another segment of the Huawei business. This may be due to the fact that the telecommunications technology produced by Hawaii is being banned by national security concerns.

But a Huawei spokesman told Reuters that the slow deployment of 5G networks across China had contributed to a reduction in sales in their telecom equipment segments.

Huawei’s declining revenue is largely due to trade restrictions in the United States and a shortage of semiconductors that are currently hampering consumer electronics production around the world.

With Huawei’s department departments declining in earnings over the past few months, the company and its cloud divisions have seen some growth this year.

Twitter announces winner of video-imaging competition

The software used by Twitter to trim user images has been shown to support thinner, younger and lighter faces, according to the watchdog.

Bogdan Cullinich, a graduate from Switzerland, recently won a Twitter competition to identify examples of discrimination in imagery.

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