News and Events – Find some of the first Kummer Vanguard scholars from Missouri S&T

This fall, some 460 first-year students enrolled at the University of Missouri Science and Technology are winners of the Kummer Vangard Scholarship, and students are gaining value during the first semester and first year of college. Perceptions.

The program was co-hosted by June Comer and her late husband, Fred S. Kumer’s $ 300 million donation is one of several initiatives supported by Missouri S&T. Each Cummer Vangard Scholar receives $ 1,000 to $ 3,000, as well as out-of-class meetings and activities designed to help them think more as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Gift from 1955 Missouri S&T graduate from June and Fred Kumer. The University of Missouri is the largest single donation, both public and private. It is also the fifth largest donation from government institutions in the country. Cumbers want to offer their gifts to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) degrees to increase interest among potential college students and provide ways for STEM students to better understand the importance of creativity and entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurs themselves founded Kumers HBE Corporation, the world’s largest design construction company for medical and financial services, and later created a chain of more than 20 luxury hotels, known as Adam Mark Hotels and Resorts.

Timothy Professor, Cummer Vangard Scholar, First Student in Computer Science

“The vision of June and Fred was to inspire today’s high school students to be innovators, innovators, entrepreneurs and future leaders,” said Dr. Mo Dehgani, Missouri S and T Chancellor. “These students will benefit from scholarships and programming to help them become the technological innovators our country needs.”

The first group of Kummer scholars came from Canada and India, as well as 20 US states and territories. As part of the program, they participate in an indirect program with a focus on job creation, undergraduate research, design and construction, leadership and social interaction and participation. Students meet with teachers and staff each week to learn more about each focus area.

“Through the Vangard series, students will learn what research is, what it is and why it is so important,” said Dr. Stephen Roberts, vice chancellor of Strategic Initiatives and chief operating officer of the Kummer Student Success Research Institute. , And economic development. “We will provide an overview of the research opportunities available to our students and they will now hear from undergraduates who are involved in research on campus.”

Catalina Ortega, Kummer Vanguard Scholar, First Aerospace Engineering Student

Dr. Julie Season, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, was one of the faculty members of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship for the first three weeks. The entrepreneurship sessions focus on three areas of entrepreneurship: thinking, creating value, and collaborating.

“During these three weeks, the students participated in networking events, met with a recent group of S&T students who showed creative thinking in their work, and played some games,” says Simon. “The class is completed by linking the entrepreneurship program to four other sections of the Vanguard Scholars program.”

In their own words

A few S&T Kummer Vanguard scholars shared their thoughts and experiences on the program.

“The program was exciting. I like to make friends on Kummer evenings and spend time with them. I like what we do during the presentations. One night we had to make creative boxes and it was fun to see what different groups came up with. It is a pleasure to spend the night with friends.

Matt Minatra, Kummer Vanguard Scholar, First Student in Computer Science

Tim Professor Fluorescent, Missouri, first-year computer science student with a passion for game design. He hopes to one day design his own blockbuster video game.

“The Cummer Vangard program is useful for those who want to excel professionally. It teaches us the skills that new college graduates need to know. The program includes a very active group of people. Every Wednesday when we are together we get very bored. And everyone will have the same opinion about the program.

Catalina Ortega St. Robert Missouri, a freshman in aerospace engineering, plans to join the military and improve her skills for creativity and safety.

“Thank you so much for the program so far. Scholarships are generous and the opportunity to learn is highly valued. I hope that future generations of Kummer scholars will have more experience of being future leaders. I hope to improve the world by helping people learn, communicate and run a secure Internet service.

Katherine Johnston, Kummer Vanguard Scholar, Fellow in Civil and Architecture Engineering

Matt Minatra First student in Cordova, Tennessee, computer science. He is planning to pursue a master’s degree in computer engineering and is looking to pursue a postgraduate degree in the future.

“I am more than grateful for the donations of Kumers and many other alumni. This program gives us a way out of our creativity and takes us to work and life after college. It really shows us what is possible, and gives us all the encouragement you need to follow your dreams and thoughts. I came to this school because miners are really changing the world, and I want to change. I want to make my mark on the world. I look forward to finding ways to reduce renewable energy and carbon emissions, and to look at the toxicity of oceans and our planet.

Katherine Johnston She is a first-year student in civil and architectural engineering who plans to add environmental engineering to her list of millennials, Illinois. She plays five instruments, speaks Spanish and is learning American Sign Language, and Missouri S&T is currently accepting applications for the 2022 Kummer Vanguard Scholarship Program. The first review of apps will begin on December 15th. For more information about the Kummer Vanguard Scholars program, visit

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