Newport Envelope Tech Crown Best Performance Trading Awards – Business News Wales

Chatbot Specialist Envello Tech is launching this year’s 15th Annual Marketing Awards in Newport to honor the industry’s most innovative and ground breaking campaigns, companies and individuals.

Recognizing the amazing first year as a collaborative technology, Envolve Tech team gathered at Pizza to see their victory in the “Virtual” Awards. During this time it grew in key areas of sales, sales and commissions by thousands of commissions, and the company was established as one of the key players in the technology space.

CEO Emma Smith said:

“I am very proud of our team as a recipient of the best technology or start-up awards at performance marketing awards. Being a tech startup is a big team effort and I really enjoy paying for all our hard work. Chairman Mark Smith said: In less than 18 months, the envelope has gone from strength to strength, providing an amazing experience for retailers and consumers.

Virtual Marketing Assistant, powered by Artificial Intelligence, identifies sales opportunities in customer chat channels while reducing customer service costs. It has been recognized by judges as a combination of many key areas that keep human touch in this highly automated world. The company has built a data-analysis team to answer questions correctly, and focuses on key events, from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, Christmas to related sports events — that much-needed human-level experience in the discussion-bot arena. Linn By 2020, the delivery rate has dropped from 30% to 5% – which means that 95% of the questions asked by the virtual marketing assistant have been successfully answered.

Performance Marketing Referee Judges Thank Envolve Tech:

A creative approach to chatbot space that provides low-risk and return on investment. Envelope Tech has started a difficult year for a serious business, and I look forward to seeing how their technology improves! ”

Envolve Tech has received funding from the Welsh Development Bank to support its development plans, has been under the Welsh Government Accelerated Development Program, and has been supported by a number of programs, including Smart Simrun and Business Support.

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