New technology will help schools recover from Kovid after the new year

TOPKA (KSNT) – As USD-501 students prepare to return to school on January 5, teachers and educators are just as ready.

During the holidays, each school in the 501 District received new HVAC filters along with air purifiers. These air purifiers work hard to remove 80-95% of cobalt particles from the air in 20-30 minutes. This helps not only in covad but also in children with allergies and asthma.

Angela Pomeroy, Principal of Jardin Elementary School, said: “We have updated all our HVAC systems in all our buildings.

In addition, schools in the district have established what they call “learning challenges” and “try to play.” This is not new this semester but what the district has implemented is very new.

If a child comes in contact with a person with covida and there are no symptoms, they will be eligible for an immediate school entrance exam. If the test is negative, they will be allowed to attend school. To continue learning.

If you meet certain requirements, you can come every morning to take the COVID test at the site, and if you are clearly negative, you can stay and learn, and you can do that every day in an independent manner. He has to do it the traditional way or not, ”said Mike Hayer, principal of Jardin Middle School. “We have a lot of security to make sure kids still have a chance to continue their education.”

Quick tests and PCR exams are offered at KDHE by the school and they say we have a supply that can last for months.

To the delight of the USD-501 teachers and educators, they are still following the CDC guidelines and there is still a mandatory mask order to ensure everyone’s safety.

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