New technology makes counting faster and more accurate

Talahase, Fla. – He won the 2000 presidential election in Florida by 537 votes, and recently won the congressional election by just five votes.

State law sets standards for recounts, and new technology could make faster and more accurate recounts by 2022 and beyond.

Voters in Florida sometimes cast their ballots offline at the same race or polling station, making it difficult to determine their choice.

Mark Erley, President of the Florida Electoral Commission, said: “Sometimes people respect his name and that is not the oval oval, so voting machines sometimes miss that.

The state is developing legislation to develop new technology that will make the recount process more accurate, faster and more transparent.

Erley explains how the system works: “And we will go to this sound spot and immediately see the ballot papers that the voters missed.


The systems capture each preview scanned image. Allowing him to review the polls over and over again will save time and energy on re-feeding all the ballot papers in the system.

Erley says it is reasonable not to believe the same machines that made the first count.

“If you are trying to prove the election result, it is better not to use the tool you used the first time.

The systems have previously been used to audit the accuracy of the voting machines. The 2020 law allows you to use it for a recount.

When this law was passed, there was a “no” vote from the committee to the governor’s desk. So, “Do you have any doubt that there will be a recount in the next election?” We asked the supervisor.


After he finished laughing, he asked, “Where is the stick I need to knock?” He joked.

Acceptance of the new system is voluntary for 67 state election observers, but at least 22 are already on board to use the system for the upcoming 2022 election. The Duval County Election Superintendent is considering the technology and may purchase the system later this year.

The technology has been developed in Lyon County, where it has been in use since 2009, but only for audit, not re-counting.

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