New technology approved for Rowlett PD

The Royal City Council has approved the purchase of a 3D laser scanner for the Royal Police Department.

The FARO Laser Focus Scanner shows a three-dimensional definition that allows the police department to examine each crime scene by taking a full scan of the area.

Investigators can get a full understanding of the crime scene by looking at it from multiple perspectives and highlighting key areas of focus and even looking at vehicles. The average scene takes one minute and 40 seconds to fully scan and present.

“We have never had such a weapon before,” said police chief Michael Godfrey. “This tool is useful in many ways.

It is a 360-degree view that allows investigators to view it from the perspective of officials, witnesses or suspects. It also allows the investigators to watch the crime scene without having to visit it again and again. The police do not have to close a road, a business, or a house for several days to investigate a crime.

The software also allows you to measure labels on the screen and the angles of certain items, such as bleeding. The software shows the measurements of people and objects with their surroundings and takes the direction of the perceptions of the people present and the direction of the bullets such as bullets.

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, the scanner can provide video clips to show when people are in a car accident and where they are moving from multiple angles.

“There is no gray area with this. It produces images that we have never seen before; Says Godfrey.

The police department used the entire site before it was approved, creating only two scenes of a scene. Rowlett Police Department also relied on Garland Police Department to use their FARO scanner.

Godfrey said the FARO scanner will help with investigations, testimony and accountability. Instead of examining a scene, many officers ask for a scanner.

In addition to criminal investigations, the scanner will help first responders analyze, diagnose, and / or prevent fires and provide security for schools, government agencies, and private contractors. The scanner allows them to view the crime scene without having to make small, accurate and time-consuming humorous crime scenes or dramas.

“If we have to redesign or rebuild an area, we can use it in other parts of the city,” Godfrey said.

The scanner is funded by the Commercial Department of Commerce.


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