New students take advantage of technology initiatives

The upcoming Spring 2022 students and new transfers are eligible for a technology package.

Eligible students may request the iPad Air, Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio bundle or Microsoft Surface Laptop Go as part of the CSUF TitanWare program. Students can keep the equipment at CSU during their academic career.

CSU launches CSUCCESS program with Apple

The program began in the fall of 2021 with eight universities – CSU Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Fresno, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, Northridge and San Marcos. This semester, Fullerton, joined the initiative with Dominique Hills, Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, San Bernardino and Sonoma.

CSU has invested $ 18,000,000 in purchasing more than 21,000 laptops and tablets and 10,000 wifi hotspots, making it the largest and most widely distributed distribution program in CSU. Since its inception, the program has provided iPads to nearly 30,000 students.

CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro said in a statement: “The CSUCCESS program is a way for us to overcome the barriers to success for our diverse and talented students so that they can feel supported and empowered to focus on their academic pursuits. Technology builds the foundation for success and can transform opportunities for our students at the regional level.

The iPad packs and Microsoft laptops were purchased at the same time as Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, said Rommel Hidalgo, Vice President of Information Technology. The first batch 1,000 iPad Air packs were purchased by the University for the CSUCCESS program.

Hidalgo is also available online at the CSUF-CSUCCESS website where eligible students are invited to meet and sign up for the program. As of February 4, about 800 students have picked up packages.

Hidalgo said the university has only funds to support the 2022 spring semester program and is looking forward to hearing more funding for the program in the fall from the Chancellor’s Office.

According to the CSUCCESS FAQ, future stages of the program may open the door for returnees as well as first year and transitions.

“Real and consistent student success depends on modern, and most importantly, reliable computer equipment from day one and continuing their college experience,” Castro said. “We want to have more. Activities that will expand access to more new and existing students in other CSU campuses in the future.

While the CSUCCESS program is open to incoming students only, Titanware, a CSUF initiative launched at the onset of the epidemic, is open to all students. TitanWare offers 48-hour laptop rentals, and semester-long laptop rentals are based on financial need. In addition to laptops, webcams and headphones are available for short-term or long-term rental.

TitanWare also provides software access to Adobe Creative Cloud Collection, Dropbox and Microsoft Office. IT provides technical support 24/7 to set up laptops or activate software accounts. Additionally, students can request a wifi hotspot with unlimited data plan from one of the two major service providers at a great discount.


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