New ship technology for boat safety today at iCast

Orlando, Fla., July 22, 2021 (PRNewswire) – At Wednesday, iCast Convention, a new company, announced the first addition to the experience of smartphones and smartphones. This patented technology, known as ClearWater AR, extends the fact that Apple and Google have added to the gaming industry for water exploration. Beneficial for everyone on the boat is a natural and sensible way to safely navigate, find fishing grounds, hook up, and even share fishing.

ClearWater Complete 3D topo maps with AR to make the water clear, clear structure and topography.

ClearWater Combines 3D topo maps with real-time mapping to visualize the structure and topography in your field of view. There are also fishing flags similar to the golf course flags to mark the structure and fall. Floating 3D channel marking bubbles appear on the surface of the water and are clearly visible at night or in fog. Just grab your smartphone or browse through the glass to see the new world view designed specifically for boats and anglers.

By 2020, there were 767 boats in the United States. Operator not paying attention According to Ship Statistics, this is the most common cause. “This innovation in the user experience is really important,” said a boat training captain at the Freedom Boat Club. Boston. You cannot drive safely by looking at the table. AR has the ability to offer integrated boats that are safer, more inclusive, and more accessible to more people.

The gaming world discovered the world of fishing and boating by giving people an X-ray vision David Rose, The CEO and author of the superstitious, a book that has a broad impact on the vision of many industries. Rose by MIT It brings together game-designers and software engineers to solve the technical challenges of how to anchor 3D content on an uneven glass surface.

To create the most compelling experience for saltwater fishermen, starting with Florida Keys ClearWater In collaboration with StrikeLines, an offshore mapping expert. We provide the fishing community with the most detailed coastal landscape maps, fishing points and extinction sites and we are happy to provide ClearWater With high quality information for the forum. ” Travis Griggs, Founder Strike lines And an underwater mapping expert. In addition, it is a fun concept to see fishing maps, and it is fun to get involved with companies on the cutting edge of new technology.

John the Hunter, An award-winning bass pro engineer and co-founder of the company assisted in design ClearWater Experience. John says that the biggest advantage of fishing is that it does not have to look at the table data without looking down at the screen. He is completely free! In a few years there will be no heavy fishermen or safe boat ClearWater Spectacles

ClearWater It is being featured on iCast and www.ClearWater.AR in i Das # 4283

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