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Beijing, July 25, 2021 (PRNewswire-Asia) – New Eastern Education and Technology Group Inc. (“New Eastern” or “Company”) (NYSE: EDU and SEHK: 9901), the largest provider of private education services. China, Announced, on July 24, 2021, Chinese State-run media, including Shinwa News Agency and China Central Television, have expressed concern about the compulsory education (“comment”) from the CPC Central Committee’s Office to further facilitate homework and after-school consolidation. And the General Secretariat of the State Council. Recommend high-level policy guidelines regarding the requirements and restrictions related to after-school tutoring services, (i) Including after-school tutoring services. Chinese Compulsory education system or academic AST institutions must be registered for non-profit, no certification will be issued to new academic AST institutions, and an online certification system will be used for online academic AST institutions. (ii) In foreign AST institutions, foreign ownership is prohibited, including contract arrangements, and existing foreign-owned companies need to rectify the situation. (iii) The listed companies are prohibited from investing in businesses that teach compulsory education. (iv) Academic AST institutions are prohibited from providing compulsory academic instruction during public holidays, weekends, and school holidays. And (v) Academic AST institutions must follow the payment standards established by the relevant authorities. In addition, there are institutions that provide academic services in post-secondary education (not included) in secondary schools. Chinese Compulsory education system) takes into account when conducting activities.

The company follows the spirit of opinion and adheres to applicable laws and regulations when providing educational services. The company is considering appropriate co-ordination measures, and such actions may cause material damage to the after-school education services. Chinese Compulsory education system. The Company cooperates with government officials in actively seeking guidance from government officials in connection with the comments and any efforts to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

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This notice contains forward-looking statements. These statements were made in It is in accordance with the provisions of the “Safe Harbor” Act of 1995 in the United States Privacy Act. These future expressions can be identified by words such as “will,” “hope,” “hope,” “future.” “Think”, “Plans”, “Believe,” “Guess” and similar statements. New Easterners may provide written or oral statements on the submissions or submissions made to the US Stockholders and Exchange Commission, annual statements to shareholders, press releases and other written materials and to third parties on behalf of the authorities, directors or employees. Non-historical statements, including statements about New Eastern beliefs and promises, are forward-looking statements. Future statements include natural disasters and uncertainty. A number of factors may distinguish actual results from any material in the future, but not limited to: our ability to attract students without significantly reducing course fees; Our ability to continue hiring, training and retaining qualified teachers; Our ability to maintain and nurture our “New Eastern” brand; Our ability to effectively and efficiently manage and expand our school network expansion; Competition in the private education sector in China, including those related to copyright and other intellectual property rights; Changes in our income and certain expenditures or expenditures as a percentage of our income; Expected growth of China’s private education market; Chinese government policies related to private education services and providers of such services; Health epidemics and other epidemics in China; And the general economic situation in China. More information about these and other hazards is included in our Form 20-F Annual Report and other documents registered with the Security and Exchange Commission. New Easterners are not obligated to update any future statements except as required by applicable law. All information provided in this press release and the appendix is ​​effective from the date of this press release and is not required to update this information except as required by applicable New Ordinance law.

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New East is the largest provider of private education services China It offers a wide range of educational programs, services and products for a wide range of students China. New Oriental Program, after-school services and product offerings include: -12 education, pilot preparation, language training for adults, pre-school education, primary and secondary education, educational materials and distribution, online education and other services. ፡ Searching New Easterners are listed in NYSE (NYSE: EDU) and SEHK (9901.SEHK) respectively. New Eastern ADS Each represents a common role. The Hong KongRegistered shares are absolutely fun with the ADS listed on the NYSE.

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