New ‘opt-in’ hand scanner technology is available to students on unlimited and meal plans

Students who are interested in rushing to the Syracuse University dining centers now have a new high-tech option available to them. In recent weeks, the university has installed Morfo hand scanners in all dining centers to facilitate quick and unobtrusive access at meal time. The use of this technology is fully voluntary and is available to students on unlimited and restrictive plans. Hundreds of students have already started using the system to register their fingerprints at the Office of Housing, Food Planning and ID Card Services. Students interested in enrolling must visit 206 Steele Hall.

“Our students are looking for a variety of dining options that they can enjoy at their leisure – in the middle of class or after studying in the evening. Chris Claigger, Senior Vice President of Auxiliary Services, said.

Students with unlimited and meal plans now have three options to visit the dining centers: 1) Register their fingerprints and use the new system. 2) You can continue to use their SUID card, or 3) you can download the GET app to log into dining centers.

Following the best practices in data security, the Morfo system uses encrypted accounting for each student’s handwriting. Manual checks are encrypted and then lost during the collection and conversion process, so no biometric information stays with Morfo. In addition, Morfo operates on a secure private network with no access to the Internet.

According to Chris Crood, chief information officer, Morfo’s security and privacy measures meet the industry’s highest data security standards.

“Our students are comfortable with the new gadget or touch device, and they are often the first to adopt new technologies,” says Croad. Most of the tools we use now to unlock our devices are fingerprints and fingerprints, so it’s no surprise that the same technology can be used to buy coffee or pay for food.

Other college campuses have developed this technology in recent years and have received positive feedback from their students. Some colleges, including the University of Alabama and Auburn University, have begun issuing mobile IDs to their students, and this contactless technology continues to improve and expand rapidly.

“The new scanners were a relatively easy opportunity to improve the technology of the university,” says Klingger. We always look for opportunities to update and connect with our students.

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