New Employment, Continuing Strong Employer Demand Drive Tech Unemployment Rates to Low in Two Years, Computer Analysis

“Beyond the subject matter, the basic information tells the story of the growth of various jobs in the tech professions, industry sectors, employers and places.” Tim Herbert, Vice President for Research and Marketing Information at CompTIA. It is not a one-size-fits-all, but a combination of factors that contribute to technical career advancement.

Technology sector employers have expanded their workforce to 10,700 jobs last month. There are three categories of profiteering. Companies have added 5,200 employees in IT services and custom software development, 4,000 in other information services, including search engines, and 1,800 in data management, hosting and related services.

Technical jobs in all sectors of the US economy increased by 178,000 in July, while IT vacancies exceeded 318,500, an increase of more than 7,000 last month.2018-05-01

Recent job postings show that the demand for IT workers is strong in industries and geographies.

The top five industries posted for tech jobs in July were Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (53,614), Finance and Insurance (34,728), Manufacturing (25,837), Information (19,124) and Retail (10,049).

Metropolitan areas with high demand for technology workers are included new York (21,858), Dallas (17,453), Washington DC (16,391), Los Angeles (13,650), Chicago (12,287), San Francisco (11,835) and Atlanta (10,087).

Of Dallas Metro Market posted the biggest month of the month in tech jobs posts (+2,960), followed by new York (+2,058), Los Angeles (+1,906), Chicago (+1,680) and San Francisco (+1,613). It is also in the top 10 for monthly growth Springfield, Mass., A 1,010 increase in technology jobs, is another sign that technology opportunities are being extended beyond the Silicon Valley.

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