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CARSON CITY, NEV New technology.

Blockchains, a Nevada-based technology company, has been urging government lawmakers for months to create new, semi-autonomous states where new technology companies can test out of control of rural county officials. He suggested that the zones be administered by three county commissioners, two of whom would be named by the company. They can create their own court systems, impose taxes and make zonal decisions.

The company said on Thursday it was canceling its plans and would not participate in a study committee set up by the state legislature to consider the proposal.

“The company is grateful for the time and effort of the chairman and members of the Joint Innovation Zone Joint Committee,” said spokesman Michel Bash. Blockchains is pleased to maintain its blockchain headquarters in Nevada as it develops a blockchain-based digital platform, builds a state-of-the-art technology business park, and develops relationships with like-minded companies and institutions in the United States and beyond. the world.”

Although supported by some of Nevada’s most influential lobbyists and administrators, Steve Sisolak, the “creative zones” were skeptical of environmentalists, local residents, county officials, and the growing power of technology companies. Sisolak, who praised the idea at the state address in January, chose to turn the proposal into a study earlier this year instead of considering it at the State House.

Storey County called the blockchain idea “separatist control”, but has been willing to work with the company on any development proposals. In a letter to Sisalak last week, the CEO of Blockchains said that county officials had completely rejected the company’s plan for 2018.

In the letter, Burns said he was saddened by the lack of traction. He said it would not be possible to attract investors or build their cities without state support.

The Sisolak office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Burns told the Associated Press in February that he needed some form of self-government to test new applications for blockchain technology and that he could make Nevada a global leader when it expands. Blockchain is a digital book that can record almost any transaction and facilitates digital encryption.

Although the company did not plan to build the modern city, lawmakers said they hoped to work with local authorities in traditional ways.

“Legal intervention is in their interest,” said PK O’Neill, a member of the committee. I thought they had some very interesting ideas for working with Shop County.

Senate Minority Leader James Setelmeyer, who represents the blockchain-centric region where the company wants to build the city, said the Republican company sent a letter to the committee and the governor earlier this week. The chairman of the Joint Innovation Zone Joint Committee, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, is expected to disband the study, he said.

Benitez-Thompson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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