Nerdy and TPG Pace Tech Opportunities announced a joint venture

San Francisco and the Far-First Company / St. Louis- (Business WireNerdi, a leading provider of live online education, today announced the completion of its business merger with TPG Pace Tech Opportunities (NYSE: PACE). The joint venture was approved by TPG Pace Tech Opportunities on September 14, 2021. Beginning September 21, 2021, Nerdi’s joint stock and orders will be traded on the NRDY and NRDY WS, New York Stock Exchange.

“Nerdi has a great mission to change the way people learn, and this marketing will help accelerate the growth of live online education at a critical time for students and schools across the country,” said Chuck Con, founder, chairman and CEO of Nerdi. They need a lot of support. Entering the public market represents an important milestone for the company and provides the necessary resources to follow the enormous and growing opportunity ahead. I want to acknowledge the commitment of the entire Nerdi team and I cannot be proud of what we have achieved so far. We are just getting started and we have a special team on hand to drive the next stages of development for our organization. ”

Greg Mirva, president of TPPP Tech Opportunities: With these features in place, Nerdi will be offering a new 1: 1 and multi-format course in development in 2021 and will soon offer a new development driver to school in 2022. We are happy to move forward as one. Continue to work with Chak and the management team to help Nerdi strengthen and grow its position in the industry.

To celebrate the merger, Nerdi’s leadership team will ring the New York Stock Exchange on September 21, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. The live stream and replay of the event can be found by visiting https. : // Call.

Goldman Sachs and LLC served as Nedi’s sole financial advisor. Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. JP Morgan Securities LLC and Barclays Capital Inc. Served as Capital Market Consultants, FAP and PIP Assignment Agents for TPG Pace Tech Opportunities. Northland Capital Markets and Sibert Williams Shank have served as FPA Classification Agents for Capital Market Consultants and FPA Tech Opportunities. TPG Capital BD, LLC, Canaccord Genuity, JMP Securities LLC, Needham & Company and Raymond James & Associates, Inc. , Has served as Capital Market Consultants for TPG Pace Tech Opportunities. Goodwin Procter LLP served as TPG Pace Tech Opportunities for Nerdy and Vinson & Elkins LLP.

About Nerdi

Nerdy is a leading online learning platform dedicated to changing the way people learn about technology. The Company’s Purpose: Built-in proprietary platform provides value-added technology on both sides of the network to connect students of all ages with professionals. Nerdi’s total learning destination offers learning lessons in 3,000+ lessons and multiple formats: one-on-one instruction, small group lessons, large format group lessons, and adaptive self-study. Nerdi’s core business, Varsity tutors, is one of the largest platforms in the country for online teaching and learning. Its solutions are available directly to students and users as well as through schools and other institutions. Learn more about Nerdy at

About TPG

TGG is an international real estate company established in 1992 with $ 108 billion in assets and offices in Beijing, Fort Worth, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Washington DC. TPG investment platforms cover a wide range of assets, including private equity, growth equity, impact investment, real estate, secondary and public equity. T.P.P. It aims to build flexible products and options for investors by establishing discipline and performance in the investor’s strategy and portfolio implementation. For more information, visit or @TPG on Twitter.

About TPG Pace Group and TPG Pace Tech Opportunities

TPG Pace Group is a dedicated capital platform of TPG. The TPG Pace team has a long, patient and highly flexible investor base that seeks to find compelling opportunities to grow in public markets. TPG Pace Group sponsors seven specialized acquisition companies (SPACs) and has collected more than $ 4.4 billion since 2015.

TPG Pace Tech Opportunities was officially listed (NYSE: PACE) as a acquisition company, and the completion of the business partnership with Nerdi represents the fourth successful TPG Pace Group business partnership since 2017. PACE A $ 150 million future acquisition agreement with our management team and a business technology company that will meet TPG’s experience and expertise and improve TPG’s transformation capabilities and strategic recommendations. Visit for more information.

Future Statements

The information contained herein and any statements made herein shall not be reproduced. Except for current or historical facts, all statements, business consolidation, the benefits of the transaction and the future financial performance of the transaction following the transaction, as well as Nerdi’s strategy, future operations, financial position, estimated revenue and losses, planned expenses, prospects, plans and management objectives They are descriptions. When used in this context, including any definitions, it is used: “Wants,” “guesses,” “predicts,” “thinks,” “plans,” “estimates,” “assumptions,” the negative connotations of these terms and other similar terms are intended to identify future views, although not all future statements are as follows: Contains type tags. These forward-looking statements are based on the administration’s current expectations and predictions for future events, and are based on current information about the outcome and timing of future events. Nerdy will not accept any obligation to update any future statements, unless required by applicable law, and all statements in this section are explicitly qualified to reflect events or circumstances after this date or any new information. Nerdy warns that these forward-looking statements are fraught with risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond Nerdy’s control. These risks include (1) the inability to identify the expected combined business benefits, which may affect other factors, competition, and the ability to profitably manage and manage mixed business growth. ; (2) Nerdy’s inability to adequately protect any of his intellectual property; (3) any security breaches, loss of information or other interruptions; On liquidity and trade; (6) market response to business integration; (7) Lack of market for Nerdy guarantees; (8) Nerdi’s financial performance following merger; (9) Costs associated with the merger; (10) Changes to applicable laws or regulations; (11) Possibility of negatively affecting CV-19 performance, financial position, and cash flows; (12) Nerdi’s negative impact on other economic, commercial, and / or competitive factors; And (13) other hazards and uncertain documents may be submitted to Nerdi (formerly under TPG Pace Tech Opportunities) or to the SEC. If one or more of the risks or assumptions described herein and any related statements occur, or if the assumptions are found to be inaccurate, the actual results and plans may differ materially from those described in any future statements. More information on these and other factors that may affect Nerdin’s hopes and expectations can be found in the S-4 form of registration for Nerdi (under the name TPG Pace Tech Opportunities). In addition, Nerdy’s current reports and other SEC submissions (previously listed under TPG Pace Tech Opportunities) are publicly available on the SEC website

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