Neocyte has been replaced by UFF by a technology company

SkyWater Technology is producing semiconductors for the military at a $ 75 million production facility at Niocy in Ossela County. Above all, they hire.

A Minnesota-based company is looking for engineers, managers and technicians. In fact, Dr.

The county has built a semiconductor “Fab” and Tech Park to develop the local economy from traditional tourism and agriculture to a high-tech industry.

Sky Waters seems to be taking over the Faba in February and breathe new life into a new technology park since the University of Central Florida suddenly pulled out of the project.

The Department of Defense has already filed a special business appeal with NeoCity, replacing UFF as an anchor tenant for “Trusted Infrastructure.” It also supports BRIDG – the technology park’s nonprofit – with $ 90 million in semiconductor contracts with DDD.

Ossela County Manager Don Fisher told the newspaper that Dodo officials had agreed to keep BRIDG contracts and SkyWater to take over UCF during the change.

“We followed their clues,” Fisher said.

Fisher met with officials from the American Industrial Base Analysis and Support Program in the Pentagon each week, along with other representatives of NeoCity and BRIDG, such as the chairman of the Ossela School Board, Clarence Tucker. The program addresses “the growing global, commercial and financial complex industry supply chain for our national defense.”

Fisher, chairman of Bridji’s board of directors, who has overseen the 500-acre Nexus City project for nearly a decade, said: .

DOD requires locally manufactured semiconductors to increase security in everything from weapons to mobile phones. Officials said he was caught up in an Asian-based semiconductor supply chain due to the epidemic and that SkyWater and BRIDG could grow.

Bridg and the board of directors were formed by UCF, and the school will continue to operate in NEOST despite the project being discontinued, Fisher said.

He said the company’s non-profit nature makes it eligible for certain contracts and non-profit companies, which will make it important to continue.

Funding for BRIDG currently comes from a $ 22 million transfer fund from UCF. The county has pledged $ 75 million in funding and $ 26 million in office space, and the second is to generate revenue for tenants, Fischer said.

The county has built a factory to attract companies like SkyWater, saving on their own construction costs. For example, the facility’s uber-sterile “clean room” is the largest in Florida and critical to semiconductor production.

The factory opened in 2017 and has accommodated several tenants, including the Belgian technology company EMC. A.D. In 2019, the Ossela County School District opened the NeoCity Academy Charter School, and Bridget began winning contracts.

But then came 2020. And like many, Nootc began to hit.

The project’s future was bleak when Governor Ron Desantis rejected a $ 10 million allocation to Young Bridge and the UF began dumping dozens of BRIDG workers.

But now that SkyWater is on board, it looks like Ossela County is starting to pay for its investment in Niocy, Fisher said.

“This puts us on the map for who we are and who we are,” he said. We do this as a way to multiply the economy.

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