NASA Technology is now available in New David Toothpaste to treat the natural way to get rid of emotional scars

Nano hydroxyapatite (n-Ha for short) was built by NASA to repair and restore the bones and limbs that astronauts have lost in zero gravity. David now incorporates this same cutting element into David’s survey + whiteness in hydroxopathy toothpaste for revolutionary tooth decay. David Sensitivity + White Toothpaste Formula Hydroxypatate accumulates in the nerves (tubes) along the pathways and is used to repair teeth, where bio-active substances are used to attach the tubes to the inner surface of the tooth and stop the sensation. Nano-hydroxide oxide works by filling tiny scratches on the tooth surface to restore good health and beauty.

Ordinary toothpaste consumers are unaware that sensitive toothpaste uses potassium nitrate to temporarily numb the teeth. Instead of using whitening toothpaste remedies, David uses Nano-Hydrosphate Restoration to actively repair teeth. Consumers now have the option of reducing the sensitivity of the teeth by effectively repairing the teeth instead of using them to temporarily anesthetize the nerves.

“Nano-Hydrocapacity is a game changer for people with sensitive teeth, and we are thrilled to bring this industry of oral care innovations to market.” They said Eric Bus, Founder and CEO. With an estimated 50 million Americans suffering from toothache, David Hydropapati toothpaste eventually gives consumers the option to stop dental anesthesia and actually repair their sensitive teeth.

David Sensitivity + White Nano-Hydroxpapati Toothpaste is available today at and will soon be available nationwide through David’s existing specialty retail network.

About David Natural Toothpaste, Inc.

David Natural Toothpaste, Inc. A.D. Founded in 2015 Eric David Bus After discovering that many of the ingredients used in toothpaste are unhealthy for a healthy body or a healthy planet, they immediately realize that natural toothpaste does not work well. After three years of extensive research and design, Eric has been able to develop a non-toxic, safe, and effective natural toothpaste that is quickly gaining popularity among consumers of sound consciousness. Today, David is a leader in the major toothpaste and sustainable oral care units and is available at specialty retail stores nationwide. For more information about David’s natural toothpaste, please visit


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