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Curious Rover recently celebrated his birthday on the evening of August 5 in Mars. The robot, which landed on Mars on August 5, 2012, began in November 2011 and has been on the Red Planet for the past nine years. It is designed to be 14 years old.

With help Rover observation, Scientists have a better understanding of the Red Planet. Over the past nine years, the rover has traveled more than 25 km (total 16.14 miles).

NASA sits at the top of the Vera Rubin Ridge in Marseille and has been intriguing since 2018. Image Credit NASA

Rover observations In ancient times, the ruins of Martin Gale hosted a system of lakes and streams. This discovery suggests that the Red Planet may be as life-sustaining as the Earth.

Another sign of life on Earth is the presence of organic chemicals. These substances contain carbon, which is considered a part of life. There has also been an increase in methane accumulation in the Curiosity Rover. Methane is produced not only by both organisms but also by biochemical processes.

On the 9th birthday of the curious Red Planet, NASA Shared Rover photo in 2018. Curious Rover took the picture and Vera was looking at the Rubin region.

Curious, he announced 4.1 million followers on Twitter to announce that he is celebrating his ninth birthday. Single Rover often sings happy birthday songs every year.

Recently, Mars Rover was reported to have a small rock image in Gale Crete. The height of small structures is only 16.5 cm (6.5 inches). But because of its unusual shape, scientists are pleased.

In addition to the curious rover, NASA has two more robots to explore Mars. Insightful Lander and Persistence Moon Module. The Chinese National Space Administration (CIA), the Chinese space agency, also has a Zucker Rover module on Mars. Only China has successfully landed a robot on Mars, following the United States and Russia.

NASA Mars Rover curiosity ends nine years on Red Planet-Technology News, Firstpost

Source: NASA Mars Rover Curry completes nine years at Red Planet-Technology News, Festpost

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