NASA aims to launch Artemis Moon’s mission in February 2022

NASA Friday announced that February 2022 is the first step in the unprecedented lunar mission of Artemis 1 in the United States in ten years. The space agency wanted to launch a test flight later this year. In 2024, Artemis 3 was on the ground, but the timeline was delayed.

On Wednesday, the Orion Group staged a huge milestone as it piled the Capsule on the Space Launch System megarocket in the Florida NASA Kennedy Space Center.

After further tests, it will be rolled into the launch vehicle for the final test, known as the “wet dress practice” in January, with the first window to open in February, officials told reporters.

“The start of February opens on the 12th and our last chance is on the 27th of February,” said Mike Serafin, Artemis 1 mission manager.

The next windows are in March and then in April.

These launch times are based on orbital mechanics and the relative position of the Earth’s natural satellite.

The mission is expected to last four to six weeks.

It deploys several small satellites, known as CubeSats, to conduct experiments and technology demonstrations.

Although there is a chance of a retreat, Artemis 2 is technically planned for 2023 and Artemis 3 for 2024, the first human return to the moon in 1972 after the Apollo 17 mission.

According to NASA, lunar eclipses include the first woman and the first person to make the trip.

The space agency wants to establish a permanent presence on the moon and plan the lessons learned by the 2030 Mars voyage.


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