Narrative Science Discovered, Coalition Earns $ 15m, and More Chicago Tech News

Photo: Coalition / Twitter

Chicago companies are gaining recognition and reaching new heights. Keep reading to find out what these tech companies are up to this week. This is a weekly Chicago update.

Hyde made $ 555 million. Heyday’s total C is expected to raise $ 800 million since its inception in 2020. Heyday has acquired and promoted successful D2C brands on Amazon. The money raised will be invested in the Heyday digital platform and will gain more brands. [PR Newswire]

Salesforce has acquired narrative science. Narrative Science is now part of Salesforce’s Tableau team. Tableau is an analytics platform that brings together information and images. Narrative science allows people to transmit data-centered stories and allows companies to automate their customer reports. [Narrative Science]

Chicago Tech Weekly Verse

“Bringing the power and hope of autonomous technology into commercial real estate is even more important today than ever before. Investing in Real Estate Technology Makes a Positive Contribution to Our World Th Thru Shivakumar, Cohesion CEO and Co-Founder

Coalition earned $ 15 million. The S Series A funding round is led by Morgan Stanley Next Level Fund and Hyde Park Angeles. Coalition is known for its smart building SaaS platform, helping to integrate different systems into commercial buildings. The money raised will be used for marketing and product development. [Built In Chicago] earned $ 10 million. The seed fund round led by Alpha participated with Salesforce Ventures. is a supplement to Salesforce’s CPQ platform, which helps other companies get accurate pricing information for product configurations. The money goes to the product development strategy. [Built In Chicago]

Six Chicago companies have developed the Deloit 2021 Technology 500 list. The Deloit report ranks the fastest growing technology companies in North America in terms of revenue growth over the past three years. Of the 500 companies listed, six are Chicago-based technology companies, including Built In, Simplify Healthcare, LogicGate and Shipfusion. [Built In Chicago]

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