My Hero Academy has released some boring news about Izuku

My Hero Academy With the new episode of Izuku Midoria’s Best of Heroes Technology, it has released some pretty sad news. It has been a long and difficult road for Izuku since the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front (although many fans felt that time was short) and was even worse when it was initially awake. The final rule. He was mentally and physically injured, and this slightly damaged the former hero’s weapon.

Unfortunately, from the point of view of the weapon, it needs to be replaced or repaired for the coming war. Following a meeting with May Hatsume, a supporter of the course last season, the compression bands around his hands are unfortunately some kind of overseas technology. That is, it would be impossible for anyone with the ability to do something similar to Hatsumme to adjust or create something similar. So Izuku has some heavy weapons and is entering the final battle.

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Chapter 339 of the series deals with Izuku Midoria and Tenia Ida after meeting Hatsumme, and Izuku shows that the situation of the central golfers is beyond comprehension. He asked Hatsume to help her fix them, but she confirmed she could not. She has to figure out how much damage they have done, and she can’t do it right without the right people. Hatsume is said to be doing something of the same size instead.

She does something like theirs but does not do as she used to. Thanks: Hatsume could not create Izuku’s best technology, but she could still understand it in a similar way. As the series unfolds, one step closer to full readiness for a global war between heroes and villains. Just look at whether or not there is enough equipment for the next one.


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