MULTIMEDIA acquired Phiar Technologies for $ 12 million, and Google has named Android CEO as its CEO.

REDWOOD City, California – ((Business Wire) -For Technologies, the market leader in AI-powered fact-finding, has announced the closure of a new $ 12 million series A funding round today and the hiring of new CEO of Google Global Android Automotive Platform, Gene Karshenbom. The new series A Fund will be led by new investors, including Cambridge Mobile Telemetics and Telenavin, and former investors North Venture Partners, Venture Real Fund and GFR Fund. The subsidy will accelerate Firear’s business with original manufacturers and Level-1 partners in the automotive industry.

In addition, founder Chen-Ping Yu will change the roles of board members and board chair, such as Carsonboy, to lead the company’s future global growth. Gene Karshenbom has been developing partnerships and technologies in the Android and automotive industry for about 10 years and has served on the board of directors since 2020.

Fir is bringing awareness and intelligence to automotive exploration. With its sophisticated and simple Spatial-AI engine and motion RN engine, it allows vehicles to better understand the environment in real-time. Fir Qualcomm is using state-of-the-art automotive chips, including Snapdragon, and is working closely with major automotive OMAs such as Nissan. World-1 suppliers, including Panasonic Automotive and Bosch, including leading maps and navigation providers such as TomTom and HERE.

“Chen-Ping and the FIR team have already achieved remarkable success and advancement in developing intelligent AR navigation solutions with their lightweight space-AI technologies, bringing drivers and passengers more driving experience than ever before. With the global automotive industry undergoing a major transformation into AI-based technology, joining FIAR is an exciting time and I look forward to building long-term strategic relationships with the company and its partners.

Yu said: “Our mission is to raise awareness for each vehicle, change browsing interactions and how we experience the world. First, focusing on the automotive industry. In addition to our leadership team, Gene’s new financial support will enable us to further develop and identify our AI engine and camera-based AR technology, our partnerships with all original equipment manufacturers and our level-1 companies, and our marketing resources. Build for major markets.

For his part, Michael Rams, Vice President of State Ventures, said: “Fir is on track to build on the success of the automotive industry by providing advanced, real-time street vision AI. We believe that visual applications are the future of motion and experience, and we believe that Fire Space AI solutions are specially designed to help drivers navigate, connect, and experience the world safely. We are excited about Chen-Ping and all that the team has built up to date, and we are excited to work with Gene and the team.

Today’s news falls on a recent partnership with Panasonic Automotive to integrate Finar II-based exploration into automotive solutions that expand driver safety and navigation support.

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About Fir Technologies

A.D. Founded in 2017, FIR Technologies is a lightweight computer vision company and a leading leader in the real-world driving technology for the automotive industry. Fireplace integrates patents in advanced learning AI and AR into a new driving navigation platform to improve safety, facilitate more intelligent road search, and connect drivers to their local environments. Fir is founded by Redwood City, California, Investor in Government Agricultural Ventures, Northwest Venture Partners, Venture Real Fund, GFF Fund, Cambridge Mobile Telemetics, Telenav, Anorak Ventures, Vernor, Yenchink, Mefield Field, Mezfield Fund, Court Venture. Visit for more information.

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