Mordecai police unveil new arrest technology – KVRR Home News

MOORHEAD, Minn (KVRR) – Mordecai police have a new detention technology that is a much safer experience for officers and those who may not cooperate during detention.

“I have been doing this for 20 years. I wish we had this 20 years ago; The number of times people stay in a car once they get in is a struggle to get them into the car first. We are going to pick them up, put them in the back of the car, put them on any kind of ambulance truck for medical attention, ”said Sgt. There is Scott Kohsohryz.

The restraining order is to make it more difficult for the detainee and the police to harm themselves or others in order to have a safer experience for the detainee and the police.

“The locking device comes in four different parts. The first piece will be your ankle strap. The next piece will be a leg brace, the third piece will be a chest strap, and if necessary the fourth piece will be a soft helmet. They are already chained. They are on the ground. We have many officers.” This is not the way to get an officer to act. There will be many on the scene, so the first thing we do is to restrict the legs. It has three metal rods that hold it in place, ”said Kohsohryz.

If the detainee continues to fight, another piece may be added.

“This is a chest strap and this is designed to leave a lot of space between the chest and hips so he can breathe,” Kohsohryz said.

If necessary, one more piece can be added: a soft helmet.

“Now, if he’s trying to hit his head, it’s just a bubble, he’s trying to hit his head in the car, he’s trying to hit the team room or the windows. He can prevent himself from being hurt,” Kohsohryz said.

The police can safely transport the suspect.

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