Montage Technology announces mass production of 1st-Gen DDR5 production family

With the rapid advancement of information technology, memory technology has now been upgraded to the new age of DDR5. As an industry-leading memory interface provider and an active contributor to JEDEC memory standards, Montege Technology is committed to continuously updating memory interface technology to meet changing needs. Montage’s first-generation DDR5 RCD and DB chips support data speeds of up to 4800Mbps, 50% higher than DDR4 data and lower power consumption at VDD 1.1V. Using the new signal calibration protocol and equalization technology, these two chips greatly increase the signal reliability of the memory system.

Compared to its predecessors, the DDR5 memory module has a revolutionary architecture and requires additional components in addition to the drum and memory interface devices. To address this need, Montage has developed multi-channel power supplies and management, multi-point temperature sensors and DDR5 support chips SPD Hub, TS and PMIC. I3C Series bus and center functions. These chips work in conjunction with RCD and DB to introduce memory modules to achieve overall improvements in bandwidth, capacity, energy efficiency and reliability.

As Intel’s closest ecosystem partner, Montage was invited to the Intel Innovation event to display these DDR5 products in video, images and leaflets. October 27-28, 2021.

“With deep knowledge and successful experiences in the development and production of DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 generations, Montage is pleased to provide DDR5 memory interface solutions with improved performance and reliability for Intel servers and customer systems,” he said. Geof FindleyVP for Montage Technology Sales and Business Development.

“Intel and Montage have worked closely together in the field of memory for more than a decade. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Montage during the DDR5 era,” he said. Caroline Duran, Data Platform Group VP and GM of Memory and IO Technologies by Intel.

Montage is committed to leveraging its deep knowledge and in-depth ecosystems to continually deliver complete memory interface solutions to ecosystem partners and customers, and will make a significant contribution to the data center, cloud computing and artificial intelligence markets.

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