Monroe Signature Agreement is a license to acquire GMP Lu-177 nca manufacturing technology.

Istanbul – (Business WireExxacibashi-Monrol Nuclear Products Company (MNROL) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Curium Netherlands BV (Curium) to issue a GP-level medical radioisotope license. 177Lu (NA) 177Lu) LuMagicĀ® cutting edge technology. This agreement allows for the transfer of necessary equipment and supplies from Monroe to Curium.

Monroe is one of the few manufacturers of Lithium-177 nca with uninterrupted global supply capacity. The Monrol Lu-177 nca Manufacturing Process is the only processing technology with a clean and safe production process with the ability to enrich stable isotope. Curium plans to produce the Lu-177 nca at the Petton Manufacturing Institute, the Netherlands. This license provides valuable opportunities for curcumin; One of the world’s largest nuclear pharmaceutical companies, Monroe; It manufactures, manufactures and distributes world-class radio pharmaceutical products to improve the quality of life of cancer patients worldwide.

Lithium-177 nca is the preferred radioisotope for the treatment of radionucleid. The Lu-177 nca production process now offers potential treatment options to improve treatment outcomes for certain cancer patients and to improve further treatment options in future clinical development. Unique features of luteium-177 nca make peptide receptor radioactive therapy for peptide receptor therapy (PRRT) to treat cancers such as neuro endocrine tumors (NET) and prostate cancer.

As part of our mission to improve the quality of life for cancer patients worldwide, Monrol will have a strategic partnership with a number of international pharmaceutical companies to build a new production facility compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 211 Quality Standards. Sizes. The new facility, located near the Istanbul Transport Center, will benefit from around 320 international destinations with the International Logistics Network and Cargo Service.

“Lu-177 nca contributes to our mission to improve the lives of cancer patients globally. To improve life-threatening diseases, Monorol General Manager Idin Kukuk said.

John Monvester, CEO of Curium SPECT and International Businesses, commented: “We are very happy with Monrol as a technology partner. Nature will be too short to market.

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Monrol is headquartered in Istanbul and is one of the world’s largest nuclear pharmaceutical companies, leading the development and innovation of GM-level radiotopes and radio pharmaceuticals. Monroele is a major distributor of world-class radio pharmaceutical products in the world market. Monroe CDMO provides pre-development support to its customers as well as fully integrated services for today’s Nibel, Lean, Virtual Companies by efficiently taking new product concepts into clinical trials and demonstrating conceptual validation and early human studies. Monrol is committed to transforming and improving the patient’s journey through cancer treatment by distributing its radio and pharmaceutical products portfolio to more than 50 countries around the world. To learn more, visit

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Curium is the world’s largest nuclear pharmaceutical company. We manufacture, manufacture and distribute world-class radio pharmaceutical products to assist patients around the world. Our proven heritage combined with pioneering approach are the hallmarks of creativity, excellence and unparalleled service. At manufacturing facilities across Europe and the United States, Curium provides SPECT, PET and Therapeutic Radio Pharmaceutical solutions for life-threatening diseases to more than 14 million patients each year. Curium is celebrated by pioneering radioactive material researchers Marie and Pierre Curry, after which the radioactive material curry is named, and it focuses on nuclear therapy. To learn more, visit

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