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Verona Schools to hire a technology trainer for teachers

As enrollment in Verona schools decreases, staff are looking for ways to continue changing technology while providing resources to change software.

Teachers at Verona Schools are getting an independent tutor to help students grow and develop through technology used to teach, monitor and organize information.

Superintendent Tony Siemens said that after enrollment in the first day of Verona schools, enrollment in the school was declining, and that the size of the classroom and grades was declining.

We are very hard on the top three grades, then we lose students quickly, ?? There is Simon. ?? And why? ?? We have many men who want to come to Verona, but they can’t find a place to live.

Simon said the reduction in registration would be a problem in the future.

?? Our farmers did not give them land to build on, and a reduction in registration means less income, ?? he said.

While enrollment reductions are expected in the coming years, Simmons said he wants to create a new place in Verona schools to help teachers and staff adapt to the modern world and the technology that comes with it.

?? We have a lot of software programs to use, and more and more are being challenged by teachers, ?? There is Simon. ?? We need someone to help teachers with these software programs. ??

Simons proposed hiring PE teacher and women’s basketball coach Brandon Wees as the new technology coach. If approved, this will eliminate the PE space that can be taken by a teacher hired to work with vulnerable students. That vulnerable area will be filled by the ag teacher, leaving the ag site empty.

In light of the decline in enrollment, the school board president, Luis Carrascolo, has questioned whether the district is in danger of hiring a new location and whether the school can continue with the funding or be forced to cut other areas in the future. Technology coach on board.

Simons said the district is interested in the money and the location.

Carraskilo asked if the technology trainer was looking for a full-time employee.

High School Principal Naomi Austin There is still plenty of work to do, but every year there are new programs for new teachers and old teachers.

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