Military Leaders Celebrate Senior Corne ‘Software Factory’ Technology Program First in Austin

AUSTIN (NEXTAR) – Military leaders with US Senator John Corney celebrate the completion of the first training of the first team in the Army’s Future Command Software Factory program.

The program is based on the Austin Community College Rio Grande Campus and is the first military-led technical training program in the U.S. military to prepare for future cyber and technical needs.

“You are at the forefront of our military modernization efforts,” said Sen. Corney. This program, designed by the military for the military, will help to address today’s threats and build on our national, military capabilities to the best of our ability, we know we will face tomorrow.

The goal is to keep the military in control of technology issues.

Chris Lowman, chief minister of the Christian ministry, said at a press conference on Friday that we will develop a solution that will enable home-based code solutions to solve problems without distrusting foreign contractors.

Those solutions range from preventing and responding to cyber security attacks, to improving the technology troops use on a daily basis.

Regarding cybersecurity, Senator Corney said: “If we were to always be transparent and guided by technology in the modern war, then we have to improve our game.”

The second lieutenant colonel, Lennan And Shah, who was part of the first coalition, spoke to the military individually about the potential impact on technology.

Being able to get soldiers like me to build only one app for another soldier. One thing you already know, some kind of problem is that the system is broken. Now I have a tool to fix it: Shah explained.

He is currently developing an app called “My Team”.

The idea is that every team leader should be able to connect with their soldiers, learn a little about them, and their families. And we are trying to make it easier to put it all in one source of truth, ”Shah said.

After completing the first part of the training, he will work with a Silicon Valley expert to put the application into production.

“After a year, I will move on to a full-fledged baby builder who can build these apps and replicate these lessons for the next generation of soldiers,” Shah said.

The second part now begins the first part of the training. The program had about 2,000 applicants for only 30 places.

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