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During the Monsoon season in India, Sony hosts winter sales. The company has announced that it will begin summer sales on the PlayStation Store in 2021 after July 21. This sale offers discounts on many PS5 and PS4 games in India. Winter sales in North America have been announced in an email to PlayStation Store users in the country.

Spider-Man Mile Moral at 2,999 Rebels (less than 3,999 Rebels) and the final edition after the Rebel 1000 discount will be 3,999 Rebel.

according to Report by IGN India“Summer sales are back in the PlayStation Store with a variety of great deals and benefits,” says email. “Starting Wednesday, July 21, we will save more games, more content and more,” he added.

Winter sales It is proposed to be similar to the PS5 Days of Play 2021, which started on May 26 and will continue until June 9 this year.

For PlayStation 5 users, the following games Marvel Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel Spider-Man: Males Morales Ultimate Edition And The soul of demons You get a discount · Spider-Man-Mile Moral It costs 2,999 rupees (less than 3,999 rupees), and the final edition costs 3,999 rupees after a 1000 rupee discount. · The soul of demons The price will also change from 4,999 Rebels to 3,999 Rebels.

PlayStation 4 users can get more games at a discount The list includes the following Our last episode 2 With 1,999 Rebels The ultimate Athlete Master At 999 Rebels Shushima’s spirit For 2,499 rolls Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morals With 2,999 Rebels Termination of death With 1,999 Rebels In blood At 999 Rebels Unseen 4 At 999 Rebels Unseen Lost Inheritance At 999 Rebels Unknown set At 999 Rebels Famous second child At 999 Rebels God of War 3 Remaster At 999 Rebels God of War With 999 Rebels, and GT Sports 99

Offers may also be valid in offline stores. However, no date has been set for the sale.

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