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UBCO researchers can use microwave detection technology to use low-cost, non-contact, portable, reusable microwave sensors as a quick and reliable assessment tool for measuring antibiotic resistance. It was built. Credit UBC Okanagan

UBC researchers have developed a way to monitor the bacterial reaction of antibiotics in the treatment, opening the door to individual antibiotic treatments for patients.

Using microwave sensor technology, Ocagan Microelectronics and Gigabit Applications (Omega) Lab, UBC Okanagan Assistant Professor Mohamed Zarifi and his team serve as a fast and reliable measurement tool at low cost. He developed resistance to non-connected, portable, reusable microwave sensors.

According to the World Health Organization, overuse of antibiotics increases the resistance of bacteria to treatment. As a result, the new “super-bed bugs” are putting a heavy burden on health care systems around the world, Zarifi said.

This newly developed sensor is used in remote areas of STS. It is intended.

Many types of bacteria are constantly being developed to develop resistance to antibiotics. This is an urgent issue for hospitals around the world, but it is too late to adapt sensors and diagnostic techniques, ”said the Faculty of Engineering. Zarifi explains.

Existing AST practices are expensive and can take up to 48 hours to process.

“Long waiting times can significantly delay patients’ treatment, leading to further complications and death. This method demonstrates the need for reliable, fast, and cost-effective search tools. He says.

A new sensor developed by the UBC team can detect bacterial growth variables before the appearance of visible clues. Therefore, the dose or type of antibiotic can be adjusted to fight a specific bacterial infection.

In the next stage of development, the artificial intelligence algorithm of Omega Laboratories will be developed with this sensory sensor, which will be a big leap for personalized antibiotic therapy.

“Our ultimate goal is antibiotics.” The quality of these devices will improve the quality of patient care and the greater the ability to fight bacteria and viruses, ”said Zarifi.

This study was published in Nature Scientific Reports Funding and equipment from the Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada, the Canadian Innovation Foundation and CMC Micro Systems.

Researchers are developing tools to quickly diagnose bacterial infections

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Mandeep Chhajer Jain et al, Rapid and real-time monitoring of bacterial growth on antibiotics in a stable growth medium using a stationary aircraft microwave sensor Science Report (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s41598-021-94139-y

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