Microsoft is expanding its computer technology program to Jawaharlal Nehru

Combine industry giants with high school teachers to prepare technology giants for computer science jobs, skilled industrial jobs

El Paso, Texas (Boundary Report) – Microsoft Corporation is expanding its computer science education program to four public schools in Jawaharlal Nehru.

In schools, technology and literacy (TEALS) works in 23 El Paso campuses, combining professionals with high school teachers and curriculum workers to develop computer skills in underserved communities.

The expansion of TEALS in Mexico marks a major step in our efforts to make computer education accessible to high school students in the region. .

The four schools selected in Juventus already focus on science and technology. Some are located near industrial parks where the parents of some students work.

“We are helping students, teachers, volunteers and communities play an important role in our growing digital economy,” Sausedo said.

Over the next five years, one hundred and sixty-one Juventus students plan to bring the program to 12 other high schools. That level will reach at least 480 students, says Microsoft.

The tech giants are collaborating with the Chihuahua Enterprise Foundation (FECHAC) and the Axcel Foundation to promote the program in the Juan community business community, government and social circles.

TEALS is supported by Microsoft Philanthropies. Since 2009, high school teachers have been merging with industry experts. Computer science curriculum has been improved in the United States and other countries.

In the United States, some regulations remain online due to the epidemic, but the Mexican president ordered all schools south of the border to begin physical education at the end of last month.

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