Microsoft gets a browser-based video editing app clip

Microsoft has also purchased an unknown amount of web-based video editing application clips. The tech giant announced the launch on Tuesday, September 7, in a blog post. The agreement will allow Microsoft to consolidate Clipchamp’s video editing technology with Windows and integrate product offerings through Microsoft 365. Microsoft Store.

Klipcham’s technical approach is to integrate the simplicity of a web application using the full computing power of a graphics processor (GPU) with the ability to process video using previously limited resources by traditional video applications. , Vice President of Corporate, Office Media Group in a blog post in Microsoft. Terms of purchase have not been made public.

It may be possible to integrate Microsoft ClipCamp with Microsoft 365. Pratley added, “As a full-fledged web application for your PC, Clipcha is a natural fit for Microsoft 365 to extend the cloud-based productivity experiences of individuals, families, and schools. , And businesses ”

Clips uses PC GPU Acceleration to deliver clips faster. It has various templates, filters, transitions, stock media and styles for social media posts, game clips and educational purposes. Supports multi-track audio as well as video editing. The web application also allows screen capture and webcam capture.

Alexander Draling, CEO and co-founder of Clipchamp, announced the decision to sell the app to Microsoft via a blog post.

“The founders try to invest in the business, hire the first employees, raise a lot of subsidies and eventually go out with a purchase or public outcry. And while the exit event is the beginning of a journey, it is also the beginning of a new journey. In our case, that would be a trip under the umbrella of Microsoft. ”

Klippcha was founded in 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. In July, the company achieved 17 million registered users at the forum, according to a press release. The company also announced that 390,000 companies will use Clipcha.

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