Michigan Tech men beat ParkSide 66-53

David Arkambew / Michigan Tech Junior guard Carter Johnston (15) drives to the basket at UW-Parkside at the GLIAC quarter finals in Houston on Wednesday.

HOUGHTON – The Michigan Tech Men’s Basketball Team defeated UW-Parkside 66-53 in the quarterfinals of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletics Conference on Wednesday.

The No. 2 seed the Huskies had previously led, had fears, and then took on the No. 7 seed in the second half. And now, at No. 8, Davenport, No. 1, will host Michigan Tech NMU in the GLIAC semi-finals on Saturday at noon.

Davenport will take on Sagittarius Valley in the other semi-final at 2pm on Saturday at SDC. The GLIAC Championship will be held at 2pm on Sunday afternoon at SDC.

Tech Junior Owen walked the field by 20 points – their 10th game of the season reaching that field – with 50% shooting (8 out of 16 overall and 3 out of 6 points). Senior Husky Trent Bell was very effective this season with another double, 15 points and 11 rebounds, 60% off the field (6-10), including a 3-5 lead.

“(White) All Americans” Michigan Tech head coach Josh Buttner said he was the first Tech head coach after the season. “He is the best player of the year at this conference. Every time he touched it, he had two or three men.

He did a good job (with help). Some men find some wide open. He alone holds it. He is a coordinator and he (additionally) focused on all that (defense) and got a way to get 20 points.

“(Bell) The second half was incredible.” Boutner said. “It’s good for defense. He really got up in the second half and did a good job (on guard) with Jamir Simpson, who was hurting us a lot in the first half. ”

Tech have won their last 11 games – the only defeat in the French state – but are careful to focus on the current opposition.

“I think we all want to play with each other and keep moving forward.” Bell later. “It could be my last game whenever we lose. So I’m trying to extend as much as I can and make a strong run in the race.

Junior Carter Johnston hit the Tech double with 10 points (4 out of 7 FG, 2 out of 2-pointers) and scored seven rebounds.

Beginner Red Shirt newcomer Simpson Rangers leads by 17 points.

In addition, with strong numbers above the arch – a total of 11 out of 23 (48%) on 3-pointers – Tech dominated the color and gained a margin of 26-18 in parchment.

Tech was previously responsible for some of the key contributors to Ranger’s injury. In the first half, the Husseins took a 28-20 lead, but Parsid returned to the game with a late goal from Simpson.

Parkid then went into the bonus and Ranger Junior Cameron Myre hit the edge of the first 1-and-1 to cut the tech margin by just one point 30-29. Then, in the last minute of the game, new Red shirt newcomer Colin Oreker made it 3 and put the first 32-30 lead for YouTube.

The Huskies put together a two-minute game-winning 8-0 run in the Red Shirt by newcomer Brad Simonson and White.

That speed left Teke with 17-3 rushing and 55-43 lead with seven minutes left.

Parkside never cut the rest of the road to that edge.

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