Miami-Dade police to take over search efforts at the site of the collapse of the Surf Gon condo building

He was in charge of the Miami-Dad fire department at the site of the current residential building in the South Florida community. But that is now changing, according to a report from Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava’s office.

“Operation continues, and MDDD continues to search for human waste and personal belongings until they have completed a further search,” the report said.

Authorities have so far identified 97 victims in the crash. Of those injured, 96 were found at the scene of the crash, and one died at the hospital, Miami-Dade County officials said Wednesday.

The most recent victim was 58-year-old Linda March. He said the district still believes there is a victim.

He did not name the man, but on Friday he told CNN that she was the last victim of the 54-year-old Estel Hidaya family.

“The hardest thing is that my parents see me like this every day,” her brother, Ike Hidaya, told CNN. I want my sister to live in peace and receive the respect and respect she deserves.

The firefighters were superheroes, the mayor said

Early in the morning of June 24, some of the champagne towers were partially destroyed. Some residents described the panic as they saw the cracks in the walls. Others did not.

Mayor Miami-Dade noted that firefighters had been on the scene since morning.

They are true superpowers who have risen to serve this community in an unprecedented disaster – not only by conducting search and rescue and rehabilitation work, but also by doing the best they can for all families. Provide closure for loved ones, says Levine Cava.

We are very grateful to the Mimi-Dade Police Department, which has been conducting the investigation from the beginning, and is now continuing its challenging task of continuing to search for millions of pounds of debris, fossils and personal belongings. Families, ”he added.

Now, a month after the disaster, the site has been largely cleared and more than 22 million pounds of debris has been removed and relocated.
Victims are not being asked to donate their real estate to the public, the judge said

Officials say the search will not end until each loved one recovers.

“We work diligently and diligently and work closely with religious leaders,” said Levine Kava.

The cause of the collapse is still being investigated and will be fully established once the investigation is complete.

Florida state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle admits “several requests from engineers and lawyers to access the site.”

It is my understanding that once the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Miami-Dade Fire Department and Miami-Dade Police Department decide that access to the site is safe and appropriate. To do this in accordance with the guidelines set by those agencies.

CNN’s Andy Rose and Dina Hackney contributed to this report.


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