Metawav joins the Future Investment Initiative (FII) of a leading technology company and global innovation.

Carlbad, California – (Business WireMetawav Corporation, the world’s leading provider of terrestrial and aerospace mobility, will join the Fine Investment Initiative (FII) Institute of Future Investment at 5 p.m.Th Annual Festival, October 26-28, 2021, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is realizing the future of technologies from cars to automobiles by democratizing mobility in a variety of transportation sectors and social sectors. Metawave Disruption Image Radar Technologies on Earth and in the Air, on Earth and in the Air, in Severe Weather and Unexpected Lands, including Vertical Rise and Landing Time.

Equipped with more than 250 patents and 25 patents, Metawav’s electronic-controlled radar has shifted from large, bulky and expensive sensors for the defense sector to scalable mobile phone tracks and trainings for low-cost sensors for automotive and air applications. Intellectual machine learning brain using neural network algorithms.

The FII Institute is an international nonprofit with an investment arm and one agenda – its impact on humanity. Dedicated to the principles of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), we develop bright minds and transform ideas into real-world solutions in five areas of focus: no and robotics, education, health and sustainability. On the 5th anniversary of the FII. A total of $ 125 billion in new agreements and investments is expected to be announced in 2017, beginning with the beginning of FII.

“Metwav is not just a bright future for technology. It is a game changer that rejuvenates automotive and aerospace for the benefit of citizens. We are thrilled to be providing additional opportunities for Metawav to grow and succeed. ”- Richard Atiyas, Executive Chairman, Richard Atiyas and Associates.

Last summer, Metawav presented MIRISE Technologies’ first 76-81 GHz bulb chip Alpha samples and review boards to MIRISE Technologies, a joint venture between Denso and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), which began last year to focus on vehicles. Semiconductors. And In early 2021, Metawav also introduced proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) AWARE ™ platform, which enables SPEKTRA radar drivers to perform real-time classification and labeling with more than 94% account accuracy for better and faster driver support systems (ADAS). . Thanks to the integration of machine-learning sensors, the AWARE platform allows SPEKTRA radar to provide accuracy in storms, dark and dense fog even when vehicles are traveling at high speeds. The SPEKTRA radar’s ability to detect and classify objects over 300 meters is combined with virtual MIMO negotiation techniques at the back end due to its unique ability to focus rays in a specific fove direction to achieve faster frame rate. Metawav SPEKTRA radar and AWARE platform videos can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel.

To meet the safety requirements of self-propelled aerial vehicles and land vehicles, it is essential to develop the ability to drive with the highest level of perception and understanding. It is an honor and privilege to lead a world-class team in both the movement and the 5G connection to deliver the future and share our success with future investment initiatives.

About Metawav Corporation – Metawave leverages disruptive millimeter wave technologies that accelerate the transition to automated and fully automated ground and air vehicle operation and emerging service goals. Copyright HD All weather imagery SPEKTRA radar modules and associated software stack, Metawav based on clothing machine learning and AI with unparalleled long-term sensitivity and sensitivity to automotive, tracking, trains, air and aircraft customers. Its SPEKTRA ™ radar is the first high-quality automotive analog beam radar that can make cars safer and smarter. Metawave TURBO ™ Active repeaters and KLONE ™ routers reflect faster, more efficient and lower cost 5G deployment, bringing billions of users in and out of the home. Metawave AWARE ™ AI Object Assignment Platform is the first demonstration of real-time radar placement. A.D. Founded in 2017, Metwav has its headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Visit us at, email us at, and follow us on Twitter @metawavecorp, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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