Metal technology airlines have reduced production over a two-year critical period to two months

For more than a year, the F-15E has been trying to land the base of the Mountain Air Force Base, Idaho. When landing began, the landing gear immediately crashed, damaging a number of structures, including landing gear. Although no one was injured or killed, the plane suffered serious damage and has been stuck on this foundation ever since.

Linn July 6, 2021 Aircraft from the 366th Maintenance Division (MSS) Metal Technology began production on a crucial structural beam on the main landing wheel known as the “tramyonion beam”. As a filter pole descends and grows, the landing keys hold the main landing gear.

Master Concern: “The tarnion pole is zero balance in the AF supply chain and must be manufactured and manufactured at the request of the seller. John Doyle, 366th MXS Metal Division Head. That alone stopped the project, and without the technology of metal, the aircraft would continue to be grounded. ”

The Metal Technology Division is on a factory flight in the 366th MSS. They are known for creating parts from raw materials used to repair aircraft and aircraft and ground equipment. Their latest task is to create a beam of light within a month. This is the first time anyone in the Air Force has tried such a complex unit.

“We can do or fix anything for a reason,” said Senior Erman Luke Heiner, a 366th MXS Metal Technology Traveler. Our work is very close to engineering without calling engineers, because we work with text design and we have to think deeply about how to improve the situation once this body is created.

Metal technology aircraft use a computer numerical control machine (CNC) to build a pole. This machine uses a variety of cutting tools and, by carefully calculating and coordinating the information entered into the machine, responds accordingly and cuts the accuracy of any blocking material that Ermen puts into the machine.

“This is the only challenge in this project,” said staff SGT. Glen Brown, 366th MXS Metal Technician. This is why plastic versions become prototyping radiation. We need to modify the complexity of our work as much as possible. ”

Once you’re done with the plastic previews and make sure there are the right cuts, go to the aluminum block and have the CNC machine cut exactly as before.

The Depot field team usually produces such units, but three other action courses are being developed to find this part due to the long-term development of metal technology airlines in the area. After production is completed, the Depot Field Team will load the newly manufactured pole into the aircraft.

Although no such unit has ever been used in the past, Metal Technology Airbnbists have also had the opportunity to expand their knowledge and prepare for future challenges.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” said Staff Sgit. Glen Brown, 366th MXS Metal Technology Craftsman. Given the opportunity to participate in a few projects for the first time in our maintenance phase, we will be able to have this level of experience, experience, confidence, and learning miles. If I had stayed at our fast pace, we would have learned before. ”

Date taken 07.19.2021
Date posted 07.19.2021 19:25
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