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Top 4 People SpaceX’s first private flight is a very casual, ground-based type. The four passengers must open a space for everyone and give the mission its name – Inspiration 4.

For three days before flying off the coast of Florida, they spin at an unusually high altitude.

Billionaire Jared Isaac is behind the project. He was the one who leased the mission at his own expense to get three anonymous people involved in the proper first round of voting. Each seat is assigned a value.

Meet the crew who will take the space shuttle to a new height following the launch of NASA Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday night.

Jared Isman – Sponsors and Billionaire Pilots

After graduating from high school, Isaac broke into his parents’ pay-per-view business. He later went to the Civil Aviation College, flew with the fighter jets, and started Drake International to provide military training for tactical aircraft.

The 38-year-old American is the founder and CEO of Shift4Payments, which provides stores and restaurants to process bank card transactions. He created it when he was 16 years old in the basement of his parents’ house.

He holds the record of piloting, flying, and is qualified to fly a number of military aircraft. In 2012, he founded Dracon International to train US Air Force pilots.

A father of two daughters, he has always been passionate about space exploration.

He pointed to a place and in Eston, Pennsylvania, an entrepreneur bought a full flight from SpaceX to travel the world. In his other hobby at the age of 38, he considered flying to be more dangerous.

“I don’t consider myself a risk taker or a troublemaker,” says Isaac, a seven-year-old and five-year-old. Link it to a very valuable reason. “

This is the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Isaac promised $ 100 million to St. Jude and is seeking an additional $ 100 million in public contributions. To bring home the message “Only for the People of the Day,” Isaac presented one of the four capsule sheets to St. Jude and held high-level competitions for the other two. Down.

A.D. In 2008, he witnessed the departure of Richard Garriot, one of the first civilian visitors to the Russian Rocket International Space Station in Kazakhstan. It was after that experience that he spoke to SpaceX.

His seat is “leadership.”

Haley Arseno, representative of St. Jude

At the age of 10, Arsenor, a medical assistant at St. Jude, was diagnosed with osteoporosis at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Arseno was treated for osteoarthritis at St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. At this hospital, Jared Isaac raised a fundraiser.

To save his left leg, St. Jude replaced the part of his knee and femininity with a titanium rod. She was the first man-made man in space and a 29-year-old American.

In January, she ran for St. Jude on behalf of the hospital. Arsène met his fellow trainees in training, even as she stepped on Mount Renner in the snow.

Her only deal – SpaceX has modified the capsule sheet to alleviate knee pain. “I am thrilled to be able to travel to so many, many people, and people who are physically imperfect,” says Arsenor.

She talks to orthodox St. Jude patients and reminds them that their dreams can come true. She brought her deceased father, the Holy Jew, to the prison. “I am so grateful for my cancer journey because it gives me the confidence to love life, the desire for life, and the opportunity to say yes,” she says. “This is the greatest honor of my life”

At the age of 29, she is the youngest American to be orbited around the world and will be the first artificial limb to fly.

She will be the medical manager of the mission. Its seat represents “hope.”

Raphael winner, Chris Sembroski

The Air Force veteran, who worked in Iraq and was an intelligence engineer at Lochid Martin in Washington, D.C., has always helped educate the general public by seeing himself as a backbone.

He dropped a model rocket in college and worked as a space camp consultant. So in February, when the Super Bowl announced the “Spreadsheet Racing,” he donated to the event as “crazy”.

He did not win, but his college friend won, and he offered his place of flight to Sembroski. When Sembrowski learned that “his words did not come out,” he said that he was more calm than others. I have been more zealous ever since. ”

After six months of training, the 42-year-old Sembroski said: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, a little stage phobia, singing and playing on the auction track to support poetry Judas. “Maybe.”

Erin, the schoolteacher’s wife, said, “We don’t have to worry about it alone.” They have two daughters, 3 and 9 years old. When Sembroski returns to Earth, he says he will go back to the historical character of the flight and its role in it.

His seat represents “generosity.” Its role is to assist with the handling of shipwrecks and communications with the earth.

Sian Proctor, Business Winner

Proctor has applied to NASA three times to become a astronaut. Her father, who was born in Guam, worked for NASA during the Apollo program. She took part in a Hawaiian experiment that simulated life on Mars.

In Tampe, Arizona, a 51-year-old geologist, a professor at a community college, actually came to an end a decade ago. After attacking NASA, it turned to a private spacecraft.

A.D. In 2009, she was chosen as the last of more than 3,500 candidates.

But By 2021, she thought she was getting old – until she learned the Eskmanman spacecraft for her clients. When the Coronavirus outbreak broke out, she began to create art-based art and asked Isakman Shift4 to sell paintings.

The night before she fell, she asked if she was a nurse, and she said she was worried, “This moment will never come in my life.”

As the fourth black woman in space after the three NASA astronauts, Proctor wants to inspire other minority women. As we move toward the moon, Mars, etc., we are now writing the history of the human spacecraft. Focusing on differences,

Says Proctor. “We are on Starship Earth. We want to take them all. ”She first encountered a space bug. The deceased’s father worked at the NASA monitoring station in Gua during the Apollo landing.

She is a missionary pilot and helps the commander.

As part of a creative sponsorship competition sponsored by Izakman, we won the seat of “prosperity” by creating an online space-related online sales site.

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