Medtech Innovator has named the winner of the 2021 Asia Pacific Final Competition, Ophthalmic Technology

Los Angeles and Singapore – (Business Wire–MedTech Innovator, the world’s largest medical device maker, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), announced the first and only regional association to provide a voice for the medical technology industry, today. Winner of the 2021 Asia Pacific Immediate Program. The winning company will be decided on October 20 by Medtek Innovator Asia Pacific 2021 Grand Finals in a live virtual audience organized by Medtech Tech in collaboration with APACmed.

A Hong Kong-based, ultrasound-modified non-invasive ophthalmic dispenser is being developed with the goal of replacing intravenous needles. More than 500 million patients worldwide suffer from eye diseases such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Although there are effective medications that can improve these diseases, up to 30% of patients do not receive these treatments because they need injections directly into the eye.

»In addition to providing us with valuable industry insights, Medtek Innovator Asia Pacific is a truly unique program that has created an unparalleled opportunity to enter a unique network through its corporate advisors. Opharmic. “We are honored to know that we have won the 2021 Asia Pacific Grand Prize, and this financial support supports Oremic, a non-invasive alternative for patients around the world in our efforts to achieve our mission.

Selected from a collection of over 500 applicants, Opharmic has been awarded a non-US $ 175,000 grand prize to improve the future health outcomes of patients in the Asia Pacific region to further its business goals and mission. The company has been awarded a one-year membership in APACmed, the Cambridge Consultants’ Product Development Award, and specialized technical and consulting services from Cambridge Consultants. Biorism, Miracleus, and VPX Medical participated in the organization’s fast-paced program and won a grand prize of $ 10,000 each.

This is a great time for innovation, innovation and the advancement of the medical technology industry, ”said Paul Grande, CEO of Medtech Innovator. “I am proud to introduce this year’s winner of this year’s Asia Pacific Medtech Innovator competition for ultrasound non-invasive ophthalmic distribution. Today’s competition represented new and exciting technologies in the APAC region that could be of great benefit to patients and the healthcare industry. We look forward to continuing our work to connect with a network of partners and investors who can help us identify major Medtech startups in the region and achieve their goals.

Congratulations to OPACMT on winning the APAC MedTech Innovator title, ”said Harit Gill, CEO of APACMed. “The Asia Pacific region is a hotbed for Medtech innovation, and all of the finalists in today’s competition are developing new technologies that can improve patient life. APACMed is proud to support the MedTech Innovator APAC program and looks forward to seeing the Opharmic process as they move their unique healthcare solutions to market.

As the referee of today’s competition, I am delighted to see the discovery of opharmic devices for ultrasound non-invasive ophthalmic drugs, ”said Peter Hawkes, senior marketing director at Etiquette, Johnson and Johnson. “Johnson and Johnson are proud partners of the MedTech Innovator APAC Accelerator, and we look forward to developing new and innovative medical technologies that demonstrate the value and value of the real world.

Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the Medtech Innovator Asia Pacific Competition, ”said Audrey Lock, Director of Singapore Healthcare and Biomedical. “We look forward to working with MedTech Innovator this year to identify and support healthcare innovations around the world. Singapore has developed a vibrant biomedical ecosystem and we welcome international beginners not only to Singapore but also to regional solutions and to join us in business.

MedTech Innovator has selected 20 top startups from across Asia Pacific for the 2021 program, presented the companies with industry leaders and awarded more than US $ 300,000 cash prizes and in-kind awards. During the final race, Medtech Innovator announced the winners of several additional prizes.

Biotech, the company that developed the remote contraceptive device, has been announced as the winner of the Enterprise Singapore Startup SG Award, the SGD $ 30,000 grant and the acquisition of a wide range of resources and networks in the Singapore startup ecosystem. In addition, they are fast approaching the ESG SLINGSHOT international launch competition in Singapore’s Singapore Innovation and Technology Week (November), where the top 100 will present their solutions globally and stand for more prizes.

Nyam Innovations, a company that manufactures customized eyeglass lenses before or after implantation, has been granted a one-year residence permit by JLABS @ Shanghai, a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate more than 50 beginners.

Niam Innovations also received the Stellar Barrier System Design and Development Award from Oliver Healthcare Package, where it received a special technical and consulting service from Oliver Healthcare Packaging for the development of a device blocking system.

ADDUvo Diagnostic, a multidisciplinary imaging tool for the rapid identification of pathogens in wounds, has been awarded $ 5,000.

The judges of the 2021 Asian Pacific Final Competition include: Peter Hawkes, senior marketing director Etiquette, Johnson and Johnson; Yuji Patient, Senior Supervisor, Olympus; Ryota Umegaki, Business Development Manager, Nipro Medical Corporation; Julie Thai, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Aline Technology; Florian Belohlavk, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy, Asia Pacific, Siemens Helniers.

MedTech Innovator works closely with stakeholders to promote growth from start to middle. Midtech Innovator 2021 Asia Pacific Program sponsors include Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment Companies, Aline Technology, Nippro Medical Corporation, Oliver Healthcare Packaging, Olympus Medical Systems Group, Siemens Healthers, Cambridge Consultants and Enterprise. The Medtech Innovator Asia Pacific program is being developed in partnership with APACMed.

About MedTech Innovator

Based in Los Angeles, California, MedTech Innovator is the fastest growing medical device company in the world and the first nonprofit startup in the medical technology industry.I The mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies that are changing the healthcare system. MedTech Innovator connects healthcare industry leaders with consulting and support for new primary and emerging development companies.

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About APACMed

A.D. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore, APCMED represents manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, instruments and glassware, industry associations and other stakeholders in the medical technology industry in the Asia Pacific.

It works closely with bilateral, regional and local government bodies to provide a unified voice for the medical equipment and glassware industry in the Asia Pacific, formulate APACMed policies, demonstrate the value of medical technology and expand regulatory agreements. APACMed is working with medical equipment associations and companies in the Asia Pacific to promote a digital health innovation and impact policy that promotes access to healthcare for patients.

APACMed hosts the annual Asia Pacific Medtech Forum.


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