MBB promotes investment in intercom technologies, INC.

FAIRMONT, W.Va- (Business Wire) – August 26, 2021-

MVB Financial Corp. (“MVB Financial”) (Nasdaq: MVBF) and MVB Bank, Inc. (“MVB Bank”) (collectively “MVB”), by Interchecks Technologies, Inc. Payment platform.

A.D. Founded in 2016, Inchechek is owned by Boca Raton, Fla. And is a privately funded startup with offices in Brooklyn that simplifies and improves payments and 1099 compliance for organizations around the world. On-demand payment options The company’s collection includes instant deposit, direct deposit, digital check, paper check and more.

MVB won first place in Interchecks in 2019. The additional investment announced today will increase MVB’s interest in Interchecks by 16%. MVB’s overall Fintech investment portfolio has generated a combined IRR of around 200% since 2016.

Interchecks has made significant strides in the gaming industry segment of MBB’s key areas of focus in online sports betting, daily sports betting and iGaming. In collaboration with Visa Direct, which provides direct access to the payment lines, the company has built a real-time 1 payment infrastructure that will save MVB’s largest customers and more than 30 gaming companies currently buying at the bank. MVB.

In addition to the increased investment interest, MVB has entered into a management contract with Enchechek CEO and co-founder Dylan Masee and Interchecks team to manage GRAND, MVB digital accounting for games and Crypto product development and release.

“Increasing our investment and strengthening our relationship with Interchecks is an important financial and strategic goal for MVB Financial,” said MVB Financial and President. “Under the leadership of Dylan Masse, Interchek has achieved remarkable success over the years. Its pioneering payment technology is a natural fit for our focus on the MVB gaming industry. Following our initial investment, the amount of investment we have made with Incheschech and the formal business partnership will also highlight the success of the Fintech ecosystem we have built at MBC, which we will continue to enrich in the coming years.

“MVB is an ideal partner for Interchecks as we seek to grow our business in the online gaming segment and other high-growth industries, as it provides a lot of similarities between the original investor and our company.” . We look forward to working with MVB Edge Ventures on the release of GRAND technology, which offers cheap and fast payments from modern bank accounts. This is similar to the efforts we make at Interchecks throughout our history to offer real-time payments at online sports betting sites.

About MVB Finance Corporation

MVB Financial Corporation (MVB Financial or MVB), MVB Bank, Inc. Ownership is officially announced on Nsdaq Capital Market under the MVBF logo.

MBB is headquartered in Fermont, W.Va is headquartered at MVB Bank, Inc. And is a financial management company through its branches.

Nasdaq is a leading global provider of marketing, cleaning, exchange technology, inventory, information and public company services.

For more information about MVB, please visit ir.mvbbanking.com.

[1] Real fund availability is based on the acceptance of the financial institution and region.

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MVB Financial Corporation It makes future statements in Article 27a of the 1933 Amendment Act and Section 21E of the 1934 Amendment Law. , In this press release. These forward-looking statements are based on future expectations and are prone to risks and uncertainties. Future Statements include indefinite results of the Company and its partners’ performance or future outcomes, as well as MVB’s future plans related to the Fintech Tech line. In this press release, the company is issuing forward-looking statements in the presence of such terms as “Plans”, “Believe,” “Expect,” “Expect,” “Continue,” or “Probably”. Note that many factors may affect the Company’s and its partners’ future financial results, both individually and collectively, and that these results may differ materially from those described in this press release. Those reasons include but are not limited to: credit risk; Changes in market interest rates; Re-evaluating equity investments, including MVB investments in Vinetech companies, failing to further expand the Fintech business line; Competition; Economic collapse or decline; And government oversight. Our actual results may be found in the Company’s Annual Report 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020, which may differ materially from those described in future statements. The SEC is available on the SEC website at www.sec.gov. The Company is not obligated to update or revise any future statements except as required by law.

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