Martin Technologies combines the love of racing, cars with innovation and new technology

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You may have unwittingly seen the impact of Martin Technologies and Martin Motorsport on both old and new cars.

Chairman and CEO Harold Martin is a national and international leader in automotive innovation, and it all started on the track.

For me, the competition really started from a young age. My father was involved in a hobby. And we had a great competition, ”Martin told the news at the Novi Institute.

During his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the race, including Carol Libi.

But the journey did not stop on the track; From the beginning, Martin’s vision for the company was to use technology to make cars run faster, smarter and safer.

“It’s about raising the bar. How do we take it to the next level? ”

Martin Tech has worked with some of the world’s largest cars, developing improvements for sidewalks and sidewalks, and this year has had an impact on the 250 cars you see on your dream ship.

Martin may have traded in his racing equipment for several days, but he and his team caught him checking things in the garage, among other things. Controlled.

The COVID-19 epidemic affected the entire car industry, causing chip shortages and other supply chain headaches. Martin saw an opportunity to reorganize and re-focus on how best to use new technology in all types of cars. And he also received help from his family in his son Harold Martin II.

“To be a part of that culture and to see it grow as he did,” said Martin, a manager of automotive and motor sports at Martin Technologies.

He helped build a real car that looked like a wire car. He gave us a run at the Martin Technological Laboratory in Novi.

“You have different engine parts, we have headlights to test, we have a battery that is a source of power for everything,” said young Martin.

For some future vehicles, the work is already part of the company’s smart wire module, the idea being to replace thousands of heavy, bulky wires in cars using sensors to make cars easier and more affordable.

“We think the car industry is making a big difference and we want to be a part of it,” said senior Martin.

He has always had big dreams, but Harold Martin said that it was not his first big job or big contract that he honored, but his own after that. And often, in some beautiful creative ways,.

They may not always be able to explain everything you ask for. he said. And you need to be able to think in this. So when you start looking at the second and third orders and then you start looking at multi-year contracts .. That’s when you start to hear wow, we’re doing something right. ”


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