Marshall Memo – Teaching Technology, Family Facilities and Parade

Marshall County Schools is conducting technology training classes for parents and guardians of all students.

These classes will be held on Thursday, September, from noon to 2pm, and evening training from 6-8 pm on site by the County Board of Education.

Superintendent Libi Heins, Carla Garrison, County Technology Director, and Suzie Kelch, a technology expert, selected a variety of topics designed to help parents / guardians support their student’s learning. One can enroll as many trainings as one wants. The registration number is 843-4440.

The four episodes this month are as follows:

September 2 – Information forms and learning how to save time to communicate with their student teachers.

September 9 – Learn how to find and track your student’s classbook and call messages.

September 16 – iPad usage and troubleshooting.

September 23 – OneNote.

September 30 – Links to Program / Website / Links.

The Marshall County Commission on Tuesday approved the design of a new Marshall County Department of Health design architect.

The first step in preparing for the new department was to purchase the former Monsvilleville building on 605 Avenue.

The Department of Health has been in place for 55 years. Tom Cook, managing director of the Department of Health, said more space is needed as more clinics and programs have been added over the past few years.

Last week, Jim Stuttz was approved by the Marshall County Health Board for another five-year term.

The Marshall County Commission on Tuesday approved a proclamation regarding the Marshall County Family Resource Network, which has served the county for 25 years.

The proclamation read by the commission’s president, John Gruzinskas, reads in part:

“The Marshall County FRN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and community for all Marshall County residents who are committed to continuing to inspire people to participate in charitable and meaningful change. Achieving the vision of community members working together to make Marshall County a better place to live and work.

At the time of the establishment of MFFN, issues directly related to the needs and opportunities of the community, particularly drug abuse, food insecurity, community development, non-food supplies, and development among many, were included.

The Marshall County Commission reaffirms its commitment to the MCFRN service to Marshall County and its residents on a regular basis, and to extend its sincere appreciation for its ongoing and ongoing efforts.

FNN Executive Director Stey Di added that the agency is proud of its 25 years of service to the community. Over the years, FSH has worked to improve the lives of students, children, families, and everyone in Marshall County, building itself into a valuable community resource.

The Mendesville High School Graduation March will begin at 5:30 pm on Eighth Street and Jefferson Street. The road will take Jefferson to Second Avenue, west to Tomlinson Avenue, and south to Tomlinson Avenue to Eighth Street.

The march will include four bands – John Marshall, Weire High and Shadescide and West Liberty University.

Three floaters, one for the Mundesville Trojans, one for MHS football and one for MMS basketball. There will also be a banner floating on the Mundesville Trojans, separating the 1957 section.

Many former athletes will be floating with fans, majors and housewives.

It was Ed Coster, who later became known as Mr. Trojan, after riding a gypsy horse during a football match in Trojan. He and his horse were at the first Moundsville Alumni Parade in 1975.

Thousands of individuals travel through the Howwood House, a former West Virginia jail each year.

Of course there is a fee to do this, but just like this year, actors are needed, and anyone who wants to spend 18 nights there must register by calling 304-845-6200.

Haunted House’s first official day is September 24-26 weekend. The rest of the days are the next five weekends, which are Halloween Sunday, October 31st.

Mundesville authors Rosana Dakin Keller and Gary Horseman are working on two new books. The first is about the Marx toy plant in Glenn Dale, and the other is the Bentwood Iron Factory.

Family members look at all of the family members who worked on one or both of them, thinking they might have more information and photos.

Individuals who have such information and authorize the use of these materials may contact the rider at 304-845-3761 or Keller at 304-845-4199.

The Marshall-Wetel-Tyler Central Workers’ Council (AFL-CEO) will sponsor Steak Fries at St. Jude Hall on September 11 at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $ 25 per person and the event is open to the public. Chuck at 304-639-6318 or email

According to CDC guidelines, masks are highly recommended when not eating.

A four-phase pool pad in Mombasa could be made this week, as two AEP vehicles parked on the railroad tracks when I left the facility in the morning.

The work of AEP staff is the final chapter of this addition.

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