Market view of comparative media injectors

Contrast media injectors use contrast agents to increase blood flow in tissues. There have been several recent advances in comparative media injector technology, including the reduction of comparator wastage, cost reduction, and automated data collection for the patient.

According to a new report by Mordor Intelligence, the Consumer Media Injector Market is expected to grow at a 6.1% CAGR in the 2021-2026 forecast.1 Some of the major factors contributing to this market growth include increasing demand for minimally invasive surgeries, technological advances, and increasing the number of regulatory approvals. However, the increase in the price of comparative media injections can hinder some parts of the market due to budget issues in smaller hospitals.

Most companies are developing new products to reduce the wastage of comparative media and gain competitive advantage. Braco has developed a number of injection molding needles that can be used for high economy at every drop of pressure in the system. Smart injectors record the size of the piercing and the image protocol used and send that information to PACS. These continuous advances in comparable media injector technology are expected to boost the comparative media injector market during the review period.2

Using information technology

Key Comparison Injector Marketers are emphasizing IT-enabled comparative media engineers to help players avoid human error. There are currently many comparison media inputs that can be used to contact a hospital server for patient information. It can be interacted with an electronic medical record or hospital information system to control and adjust the volume. Future Market Perceptions Predict this accuracy could drive the market.2

Key market trends

The Mordor Intelligence report identifies these key emerging trends in the media injector systems that are supposed to help the market grow in the foreseeable future.

• Computational tomography (CT) injections are expected to grow positively as the use of CT systems has increased over the past few years. , During image. There has been a steady stream of R&D activities at major academic centers and pharmaceutical companies to develop protocols that will enable CT users to make the most of their new imaging systems. The integration of IT and comparable media volume management is the key to future growth.

• Manufacturers of CT and Automated Contrast Injuries are collaborating to better integrate their systems. This comparison involves tracking. Malinkrodt has launched an OptiSync data management system designed to collect and analyze radiological data as a patient undergoes an anti-media enhanced CT image processing.

Technical services and support

A.D. In February 2021, Neighbor announced the launch of various technical services for Optiprotect 3S (Smart Service Solutions) Vaccination Solutions. OptiProtect 3S is designed to protect the imaging centers from daily use and injection solutions. The Technical Services and Support suite is designed for all neighborhood inductors, including three supplies from defense repair to full equipment protection service continuity.

Personalized image

The Beer Midrad Stellant Flex City Injection System provides user-friendly design, minimalist technician training, and automation of individual patient protocols and personalized images. With this inductor, Bayer said it would solve the problem of the overall reduction in capital funds in the US healthcare environment. This often reduces operating budgets for hospitals, making them more efficient and economical, and providing better patient care. The Medrad Stellant Flex City injection system is designed to help solve these clinical and financial problems.

Workflow efficiency

GE Healthcare has been working with ulrich Medical since 2019 to provide ulrich CTmotion in the United States. It supports seamless integration of workflows, including fast and easy setup and patient transfer. The needle helps to eliminate the need for manual syringe filling, which reduces test preparation time and reduces media waste.

Nemoto Kyorindo provides contrast media inputs for CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and angiography. Customizable protocols give radiologists the opportunity to develop programs for any diagnostic purpose. The company’s MRI injections use non-ferrous structures to ensure a secure integration into the MRI unit.


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