Luminia launches new sustainable financial and technology platform solutions for commercial real estate assets

San Diego, California – (Business Wire–Luminia, the former SD Renewables, has launched a new set of financial solutions and advanced technology platform to further enhance the sustainability of business assets. Luminia’s experienced leadership team with billions of years of funding and development in renewable infrastructure and real estate resources is committed to meeting the challenges of businesses and property owners by fulfilling ESG orders. Luminia’s unique, asset-based clean energy PPA® and technology platform is already used by partners across the country. In collaboration with Sun Light & Power, Cardeletlet High School in Concord, California, is one example of a solar-powered project to significantly reduce energy costs and carbon footprint.

“Luminia has provided us with financial solutions in a short period of time and has become a better option than others. Luminia saw us as partners and wanted to serve us properly, treat us well and give us priority – which was very important to us,” said Carondelett High School CFO Noah. The rider said. “The main measure of the success of the project is energy savings. It has achieved more than we expected, and we are seeing significant cost savings.”

David Field, Luminia’s Partnership Management Partner, has previously led the construction of five state-of-the-art residential solar sales, startup and financial platforms. The platform is the standard for more than 8,000 residential solar transactions, totaling over $ 350 million. Jim Kelly, Lumnia Partnership Managing Partner, with over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, developing and acquiring over $ 1 billion in real estate assets.

“Over the past three decades, I have become fully aware of the challenges I have faced in financing the sustainability improvements to the commercial real estate industry.

Luminia offers its first-of-its-kind financial solutions with its proprietary technology platform to provide instant access to sustainable solutions, including solar, electric car charging stations and other energy-efficient upgrades. To increase net operating income and property value, partners can now provide Luminia’s Clean Energy PPA®, Credit Based PPA or C-PACE financing to their business owners at no cost, or use any corporate or personal guarantees.

“History has shown how a strong combination of financial and technological platforms has accelerated the residential clean energy industry.

Through the Luminia Platform, partners can create on-site pricing and decision-making, real-time forecasting and asset and portfolio analysis, which can create significant customer engagement, reduce sales cycle time, and create less confusion to close transactions.

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About Luminia

A.D. Launched in 2019, California-based Luminia Business Solutions offers unique financial support and technology platform solutions for small-scale deployment improvements. Business real estate portfolio analysis, driven by new financial options and artificial intelligence, empowers Luminia business and industrial property owners to implement comprehensive clean energy and energy efficiency improvements seamlessly. Luminia solutions are designed to provide the greatest economic benefit and increase the capacity to meet ESG requirements. Visit for more information.

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