Louisiana Tech will launch the Student News Office this fall

Ruston, LA. (Keno) – This fall, the University of Louisiana Tech offers new opportunities for students looking for a career in journalism, public relations, or communications.

“Everyone has a unique gift for writing, video, photography, content creation or interviews. There are many different ways to connect, ”said Kelly Cole of La Tech.

Louisiana Tech is raising the next generation of journalists through the Student News Bureau program.

Students write stories and publish them on tech digital platforms, including the website and social media pages.

University of Communications Executive Director Tony Ox Smith said the school is a partnership between the school’s communications office and the school of communication.

Many of our students have noticed that they need more help finding clips when they go to apply for a job. They need things under their lines, ”Smith said.

A student in the newsroom will have a “stroke” or a specific topic to cover.

Senior Kelly Cole says students gain knowledge from experienced teachers.

They can help you understand the nature of relationships with people in your field and perhaps with students in the field. It is far more extensive than anyone can honestly imagine. ”

Cole says her experience of writing articles and press releases prepared her for the university’s communications office.

“I hope to start working with students at the beginning of their academic career so that we can build them in the next four years. And when they leave, they become strong journalists or public relations professionals who want to stay good in their fields. ”

The university estimates that it will hire 10 students for the first year.

Applicants must submit a letter of interest, at least three written samples, and three professional references. Applications must be submitted to press@latech.edu by September 1.

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