Louisiana Tech football is better than Southeast Louisiana in the home opener

Ruston-Louisiana Tech Survived FCS opponent Southeast Louisiana 45-42 on Saturday night.

The Bulldogs (1-1) lost by 10 points at the end of the fourth quarter. Arkansas transfer South East quarterback Cole Kelly continued 4:22 to move the Lions (1-1) to three points.

Cedric Woods regained control of the game with 52 seconds to go.

Tech improved under Coach Jump Holtz to 8-1 under the home openers and a total of 10 wins. Here are five picks from the original opening.

Garner responds to Bulldogs

Tech Greg Garner only put his hands back seven times, but three of those carriers were to touch. For the first half of the second half, Kyle Maxwell passed 33 yards out in a tricky game.

Garner finished with six touchdowns for 14 yards and two touchdowns.

West Virginia transfer Austin Kendall completed 20 of 28 passes for two yards and two touchdowns. Southeast Tech from 556 to 435.

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